Panthers Rip-Off Lions

The indy pro Yuma Panthers (North American League) and Godfather Media, Inc. are not starting off on the right foot by stealing one of Penn State’s logos, modifying it, and using it as their own.  This is clear copyright and trademark infringement.  A truly professional media company would know better.  Don’t be surprised to see a cease and desist letter here.  Thanks to a forum poster for the heads up.


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13 responses to “Panthers Rip-Off Lions

  1. John

    They have changed it slightly, according to the image on the NAL website. It’s still “close” but not “exactly” like the other one.

    • ballparkbiz

      The change may be sufficient, as the mouth is open and ears are tucked back. The shadowing is still the same. If Penn State has been talking with them, it was likely approved before it was posted. That said, it’s still a sad name and logo.


  2. Penn State has a beef even if Yuma had a team in a defunct league. It would seem easier to create a different panther for their logo than go to court and lose.

    A related story a couple of winters back when Amarillo wanted to use Gold Sox because of an old team in town … then found out some collegiate league team had taken it. Amarillo backed off after the team, in California, called them on it.

    These aren’t exactly similar situations. Here’s a link to that.

  3. beenaround

    Not a lot of panthers in SW Arizona… many, many scorpions.

  4. patrick

    Yuma Scorpions is a much better baseball name than the Yuma Panthers by a long shot

  5. Commish

    Wow…. They had a better name before the Panthers..

  6. Gil Renard

    I really think Penn State has better things to worry about than an Indy League team in AZ using their logo as a template. Go look at the old Desert Valley Mountain Lions Logo for the CBL and Pecos League.. Penn State did nothing about that.

  7. patrick

    Yep i smell a copyright lawsuit aganist Yuma hopefully things will settle before things get out right ugly

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