Scorpions Sold to Godfather Media (UPDATED)

It’s been announced (see press release below) that the indy pro Yuma Scorpions (North American League) have been sold to publicly-traded Godfather Media, Inc.  This may sound like exciting news, and maybe it is, but we see a few red flags here, particularly for potential investors.

Godfather Media is led by Michael Cummings, who we assume is the same Michael Cummings who brought you publicly-traded Xcellence in Entertainment, Inc. (XnE).  As you might recall, XnE secured the rights to launch four Golden Baseball League franchises in Hawaii and was seeking control of the St. George Roadrunners too.  Only the Na Koa Ikaika Maui franchise was ever launched, and XnE sold it off or turned it over to another ownership group.  The website link we had on file for XnE no longer works.

Further, while it appears that Godfather Media is an experienced and professionally-run group that claims to have been in existence since 1985, we have to wonder about the decision surrounding the firms’s branding.  Unless a deal was struck with Paramount Pictures, director Francis Ford Coppola, or another interested party, there appears to be a pretty obvious trademark and copyright violation here with the firm’s logo.

We wish the Scorpions and the market luck, but we’re not feeling all warm and cuddly inside right now.

PRESS RELEASE – Diamond Sports & Entertainment, Inc. announced today that they have sold the Yuma Scorpions professional minor league baseball team to Godfather Media, Inc.

The Yuma Scorpions are a professional independent minor league baseball team that plays at Desert Sun Stadium, former Spring Training home of the San Diego Padres. The Scorpions are one of ten teams currently playing in the North American League. The Scorpions have played seven seasons in Yuma as part of both the Golden Baseball League and the North American League.  They are the longest running professional team in any sport in Yuma and the third professional minor league baseball team (Yuma Panthers 1950 – 1952, Yuma Sun Sox 1955 – 1956, and Yuma Bullfrogs 2000 – 2002).  Diamond Sports and Entertainment founded the team in 2004 and has owned the team since then, although operations of the team were undertaken in affiliation agreements with the Colombian Baseball League and the Venezuelan Baseball Federation in 2009 and 2010, respectively. The Yuma Scorpions have sent seventeen players to Major League organizations, including outfielder Joey Gathright who finished last season in the Major Leagues with the Boston Red Sox after beginning his season with Yuma.

Godfather Media, Inc. is a Mission Viejo, CA based media company that is building a portfolio of media and entertainment subsidiaries and also intends to make ownership shares of the Scorpions available to investors in the Yuma community.

“We think this is a very good thing for the future of professional baseball in Yuma,” said Diamond Sports and Entertainment CEO Brian MacInnes. “No matter who owns it and pays the bills, a minor league baseball team really belongs to a community. We are grateful to have been the shepherd of the Yuma Scorpions for seven seasons and for having had the opportunity to contribute to the economy and quality of life in this wonderful town.  Godfather Media can bring significant corporate resources to support the team and coupled with their other media and entertainment experience, they should provide lots of fun and excitement for Yuma fans.”

A press conference to meet the new owners is set for 2 P.M. on Tuesday, February 7th in the Media Room at Desert Sun Stadium in Yuma. More details will be forthcoming.

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  1. Mike Nolan

    I can’t feel warm and cuddly about anything that the NAL does. They are the kings of shady business dealings and they must have heavy duty scuba suits not to drown in the sea of red ink they have created since the beginning of the Golden League

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