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News Headlines
We will review and consider all submitted news articles for posting as a headline with a link to the news source.  Articles must have a connection to the business.  In order to maintain a consistent focus with our site, we do not post articles about players, games, statistics, or anything related to the play on the field.

Team and League Press Releases
We will review and consider all press releases submitted by teams and leagues.  Like news articles, they must have a connection to the business.  Examples might be a stadium renovation, cutting-edge promotion, unique concessions item, or attendance breakthrough.

Original Articles
We will review and consider all original works written and submitted.  While we do not compensate authors for accepted and posted submissions, we are happy to showcase your talents and give you credit.  If you become a regular contributor, we may consider listing you as one of our author partners.  Once an article is submitted, it may not be withdrawn, and BBiz reserves the right to reject the submission without explanation or post the submission in perpetuity without obligation to provide consideration beyond author recognition, the scope of which is determined solely by BBiz.  Please see Terms of Use.