Hillcats Unveil New Uniforms, ‘Hillcat for a Day’ Experience

lynchburg-hillcats-l-logoPRESS RELEASE – In conjunction with the Hillcats releasing their new uniforms, the team announced a special opportunity for fans to experience what it is like to be professional baseball players for a day. The Hillcats are offering a chance to be the first to take batting practice on the newly renovated City Stadium playing surface along with receiving their own personalized Hillcats jersey and new Hillcats cap.


The jersey and cap will be waiting in each person’s individual locker in the clubhouse, which will also be where the fans gather after batting practice to hang out and enjoy food and drinks. The package includes four tickets to Opening Day and the ability to throw out a ceremonial first pitch at a 2017 Hillcats home game. All totaled, fans will receive a more than $325 value for the low price of $150. The experience itself will occur in the spring of 2017.

“We had a number of things we wanted to accomplish with this promotion,” said Hillcats President Chris Jones. “With the holidays approaching, we wanted to give our great fans a way to own the new Hillcats look heading into the season, but we discussed how to make it a more unique opportunity than simply purchasing a jersey. I think the combination of getting a personalized jersey along with a true ‘experience’ that involves batting practice on our new field achieves that special touch we were looking for. We also wanted to make this affordable to as much of our fanbase as possible, which is why it is available for less than half of what the package is worth.”

After giving fans across the country their first look at the new logo and color combinations at the end of October, Lynchburg gave the public its first view of the uniforms Tuesday. With four jerseys and three variations of caps available, the Hillcats have the potential for 18 different uniform combinations.

The Hillcats’ primary home uniform will feature a white top with Hillcats written across the front in the Hillcats custom font made by Brandiose. To complement the Blue Ridge Blue lettering on the jersey, the top will have Blue Ridge Blue piping around the neck, sleeves, and chest along with white pants that have Blue Ridge Blue piping down the leg. The Hillcats’ main cap will be navy with the primary Hillcats head logo. The back of the uniform will feature the player’s number in Seven Hills Green. The Hillcats’ alternate logo of a leaping cat appears on the left sleeve of all four jerseys.

Lynchburg’s principal road uniforms will feature a grey top and grey pants. Lynchburg will be written across the chest in Seven Hills Green while also featuring Blue Ridge Blue piping. The grey pants will have a Blue Ridge Blue stripe going down the side of each leg. The back of the jersey will have the uniform number in Seven Hills Green, while the grey cap with the “L” emblem in Seven Hills Green will be worn most often with this uniform.

The Hillcats will have two new alternate jerseys as well as an alternate cap, which can be worn at home or on the road. The first alternate uniform is Seven Hills Green with Hillcats written across the front in Blue Ridge Blue and the uniform number at the bottom left of the jersey in white. Blue Ridge Blue piping completes the look of the jersey with a white numeral on the back. The other alternate jersey is Midnight Blue with Hillcats written across the front in Blue Ridge Blue to match the sleeves. This uniform also has Blue Ridge Blue piping, but the number is Seven Hills Green on the front and back of this uniform. The alternate two-toned cap has the leaping cat logo on a white front with Midnight Blue for the remaining panels and bill.

The “Hillcat for a Day” experience is on sale now by calling the Hillcats front office. Additionally, the Hillcats are offering multiple Black Friday specials online only beginning this Friday and running through Cyber Monday. Among them, all book tickets are $10 off and come with a free $20 gift certificate to the team store, creating an $80 value that contains a book of 10 general admission tickets and a gift certificate for only $50. Other book ticket and merchandise specials can be found online throughout the weekend beginning Friday. Lynchburg’s season opens at home April 6 against Myrtle Beach. The full schedule of games and promotions will be released in December.

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