Empire Pro League Loses Two, Adds Two

puerto-rico-islandersplattsburgh-red-birdsBilling itself as the “#1 Feeder League in the Country” (for the independent professional baseball powers), the second-year Empire Pro League has added the Puerto Rico Islanders and Plattsburgh Red Birds to replace the Watertown Bucks and New Hampshire Wild for the 2017 season.  The teams join the Sullivan Explorers and Old Orchard Beach Surge to make up the four-team circuit.  Read more here and here.


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6 responses to “Empire Pro League Loses Two, Adds Two

  1. Former player

    Talk about a dissapointment. Definitely not what I suspected and don’t see it lasting mote than another year. Most of the guys didn’t get paid and was very misleading and unorganized. Def the lowest level of Indy ball there is. I feel for the players joining next year

  2. Joe

    I thought they didn’t have lights at Wrigley for a long time and they made out alright.

  3. in the know

    The Empire “Pro” League has a new expansion franchise… ON the moon…. Until an ownership group is found they’ll play all their games on earth

  4. tenacious puma

    they can’t be serious…a field with no lights and no fan base in plattsburgh…who the heck is funding this one… the travel alone is incomprehensible. can’t wait to watch this unfold.

  5. Jason

    It looks like Plattsburgh has fixed its typo.

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