It’s the ‘Laredo Lemurs’

PRESS RELEASE – The new Laredo Lemurs professional baseball team unveiled their new identity program at the City of Laredo Council Chambers on Wednesday. The team name was selected after more than 400 fans suggested names in a month-long name-the-team contest. The Lemurs moniker pays tribute to the mighty prehistoric Lemurs that roamed region, and for embodying the kind of fun fans can expect at the ballpark in 2012.

“We had three criteria for choosing the team name. First, the name had to have some relevance to Laredo history past or present. Second, the name had to be unique to professional baseball teams and third it had to be a name and logo that kids would embrace”, stated Mark Schuster owner of the Laredo Professional Baseball. “I am thrilled that we have found a name that embodies all three criteria.”

Fans will enjoy several logo marks including a determined Lemur head, South Texas inspired “Lemurs” lettering underlined with a tail, and a leaping Lemur waving the Texas Flag with a hidden “7”, representing the seven flags of Laredo. The team’s primary colors are Black & Gold. 

The Laredo Lemurs identity is from the imagination of Plan B Branding, a San Diego-based creative ideas company specializing in storytelling and branding ideas. Partners Casey White & Jason Klein dreamed up fresh looks for the World Series, Major League Baseball clubs, and premier Minor League Baseball clubs. “We chose Plan B Branding because of their proven track record of producing unique team names and logos that not only embody the city but also their track record of developing a brand that causes people to act by wearing the logo on a cap or t-shirt”, stated Schuster.

The development process began last January when Klein and White met in Laredo with staff and community members to learn about the stories, history, and personality of the Laredo. From those one-on-one meetings and market research, Plan B developed the logos, team uniforms and overall branding effort. Next on the agenda for Plan B is a Name the Mascot contest and the eventual mascot costume and character name.

“The Lemurs brand embodies Laredo’s values of Pride, Sense of Humor, and a Fighting Spirit,” said Plan B’s Jason Klein. “It’s a symbol of the kind of family fun fans can expect at the ballpark next season.”


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2 responses to “It’s the ‘Laredo Lemurs’

  1. Kevin

    No mames Laredo!!

  2. Concerned Citizen

    Dumbest Mascot idea ….ever.
    How does a Movie, “Madagascar” to be specific…help the city create a name/logo/mascot?
    *Source Pro8 News*

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