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Foodservice Provider Hired for Rosemont’s New Ballpark

The planned Rosemont (IL) minor league baseball franchise expected to play ball next year has hired Professional Sports Catering LLC as its as its food and beverage vendor.  Read more here.

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Saints Announce ‘Alternative Fats’ as 2017 Ball Pig

PRESS RELEASE – For the 25th season of St. Paul Saints Baseball the club searched far and wide for the perfect four-legged swine. After choosing between over a million pigs (or two) the Saints found one that could run like a gazelle (or waddle like a duck) and eats three small meals a day (or gorges on anything within smelling distance of its snout). Continue reading

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Zimmerman to Buy, Not Lease Land for Franklin Ballpark Development

​Milwaukee County officials plan to sell, rather than lease, land in Franklin to Mike Zimmerman and his development team for the Ballpark Commons project.  Read more and view rendering here (subscription required).

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Nothing Minor About Rosemont’s New Ballpark

When Rosemont’s (IL) new $60 million, 6,300-seat baseball stadium opens a year from now, the only thing minor league about it might be the team on the field and ticket prices.  So say the two investors behind the still-unnamed American Association (Independent Professional) franchise, which is expected to begin play in May 2018.  Read more and view rendering here.

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Wichita Getting New Ballpark

Sedgwick County (KS) commissioners approved a special Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district to pay for improvements on downtown Wichita’s riverfront, including replacing Lawrence-Dumont Stadium.  Read more here.  This move reportedly removes the final obstacle to building a new baseball stadium.

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The Laredo Lemurs Saga Unfolds

The Laredo (TX) City Council voted this week to send a letter to all parties involved with the Laredo Lemurs (Independent Professional, American Association) to vacate the premises of  Uni-Trade Stadium and pursue proposals for buyers or leasers for the stadium.  Read more here.


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Veeck Talks Saints and Rosemont (IL)

Legendary baseball promoter Mike Veeck joined WGN Radio’s Dave Hoekstra to talk all things on and off the ball field, including the 25th anniversary of the St. Paul Saints (Independent Professional, American Association) and the possibility of bringing professional baseball and “Fun Is Good” to Rosemont (IL).  Read more and listen here.

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