Pelicans to Honor HBO’s Fictional Pitcher Kenny Powers

The Single-A Myrtle Beach Pelicans (Carolina League) will celebrate “Eastbound & Down Night” Saturday, August 6th, by dedicating the evening’s fun and activities to rude and crude, washed-up pitcher Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) from HBO’s hit series Eastbound & Down.

Filming of the third and reportedly final season for the series recently began at BB&T Coastal Field.  Apparently, Powers will be playing for the Myrtle Beach Mermen (yes, like male mermaids).

For those of you who don’t know much about Kenny Powers, you can click on the link below to watch an explicit (CAUTION: LANGUAGE) and very funny video of Powers becoming the CEO of K-Swiss, with cameos by QB Matt Cassel, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, flimmaker Michael Bay, and others:

Kenny Powers as the new MF-CEO of K-Swiss

Below is another video of Powers making his grand American-style entrance down in Mexico during Season 2, as he debuted with the Charros:

Kenny Powers Debuts with the Charros

For the hardcore Kenny Powers fan in your household, you can pick up this officially- licensed #55 Myrtle Beach Mermen jersey t-shirt and other KP merchandise by clicking here.

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One response to “Pelicans to Honor HBO’s Fictional Pitcher Kenny Powers

  1. Hahah this is awesome. More teams should honor Sir Kenny Powers!

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