‘Boomer’ Takes Flight with Cannon Ballers

PRESS RELEASE – For months Cabarrus County residents have welcomed a big-headed, mustachioed daredevil into their hearts, businesses, and homes without even knowing his name. That changed today when the Kannapolis Cannon Ballers announced their mascot’s name: Boomer.

Truth be told, though, a lot of fans knew that already. When the team asked fans to vote for their favorite mascot name out of five options, more than half of respondents selected Boomer. The name Boomer was originally submitted by 60 different people who recommended ideas to the team in late November. Other names suggested also invoked the cannon and the loud noises it makes.

“The team mascot is a symbol of the community, and it is evident that Boomer is the perfect name to represent our hometown Cannon Baller. Boomer will be up to all kinds of daring antics and schemes each game. We are certain that he will ensure fans are having a blast during each experience at the ballpark,” said Cannon Ballers General Manager Matt Millward.

Boomer spent the past few months touring the region and making a name for himself. He’s shown that he isn’t afraid to take risks, much like the city he represents. He’s a fun-loving character emblematic of the people who put Kannapolis on the map. He’s resilient, he’s tough, he’s friendly and with his out-sized head and personality, he’s eager to welcome everyone he meets to the Kannapolis Sports and Entertainment Venue.

He and the Cannon Ballers take the field on Thursday, April 16th at 7:00 p.m. Boomer will be out and about at schools and local events before then. To ask Boomer to attend your event, email Boomer@KCBallers.com or call the front office at 704-932-3267.

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