It’s the ‘Kenosha Sockets’ for ‘What If’ Night Tonight

Kenosha Kingfish LogoPRESS RELEASE – The theme of the night will be Sockets “What If” Night. Back in late 2013 when Kenosha Baseball went through it’s “Name the Team” contest with the Kenosha community, the “Sockets” was a popular team name option that made it to the final round of name possibilities for the Kenosha Baseball team.

Kenosha Kingfish Kenosha Sockets What If Jersey

Due to the Kenosha Kingfish great partnership and relationship with Snap-on, the team is holding a Sockets “What If” Night. The Kingfish players will wear Sockets jerseys and be presented to the fans as the Kenosha Sockets, to play off the theme of “what could have been” had the Sockets been chosen as the team name.

These jerseys will be auctioned off during the game, with fans being able to place bids on the jerseys in the Simmons Field courtyard through the 7th inning. The jersey winners will be announced in the 8th inning, and the players will present the winners with their jerseys directly following that evening’s game.

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One response to “It’s the ‘Kenosha Sockets’ for ‘What If’ Night Tonight

  1. The Prophet

    Socket night will ratchet up the excitement level.

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