Perfect Game League Adds Saugerties Stallions for 2015

Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball LeaguePRESS RELEASE – The Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League owners met in Elmira, NY prior to the PGCBL All Star Game on July 14th and named Marty Radford as the owner of the new team that begins play in Saugerties, NY in 2015.

Saugerties StallionsWorking as a “friend of the program” with the Village of Saugerties to receive a state grant to install lights at Cantine Field, the PGCBL Board of Directors approved an agreement in 2013 to place a team at the sports complex. The village recently finished installing lights and is already hosting night time games. The team will open its office in town in the near future.

Radford, who resides in Asheville, NC, has plenty of experience operating collegiate level summer teams. He is the owner/operator of The Beach League in Myrtle Beach, SC.

“I have been greeted so warmly by the people I met in Saugerties. It is a real baseball community. We can’t wait to get started,” stated Radford. “The PGCBL is one of the top rated summer collegiate baseball leagues in the country. The baseball is really competitive. We have already let coaches across the country know what a great facility and community we have in Saugerties. The Stallions are ready to gallop.”

“We are very excited to have Marty join our group of owners. He is another seasoned operator who will run the Saugerties franchise in a professional manner,” stated PGCBL President Jeff Kunion.

The PGCBL is affiliated with Perfect Game, the largest independent scouting service in the country. This year more than 1,400 professional players will have worn the uniform or participated in a Perfect Game event.

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8 responses to “Perfect Game League Adds Saugerties Stallions for 2015

  1. Andrew

    You would’ve assumed that the league would have done their homework on just who Marty is and what he’s done to countless people. Correct me if I’m wrong, but there are still pending lawsuits against him. Rest assured, I will have a hard time covering the league and his team on the website.

  2. Spectator777

    extremely bad move for the PGCBL. Those who watched that Myrtle Beach League fall apart and the feedback from the players and locals. Geesh.

  3. The NYCBL isn’t broken up. It still gives small school kids a chance to play in a competitive summer league. I had a chance to see Amsterdam the other night, they would compete in any league! I saw Watertown and Elmira, both teams threw 86+ arms, and the bullpens were very good. I think the league is improving…your right, there is no one to compete with the Cape, but, I don’t think the PGCBL is after that.

    • No way the PGCBL is better then the NECBL or FCBL in New England. let me be clear, I live in central NY. I saw a kids throwing mid 90’s in NECBL out of big schools like Miami, Standford, etc. I talked to several scouts on the Cape and they agreed NECBL is close to Cape and Prosepcts League is another one. They were disapponted in overall talent in PGCBL and NYCBL. All you have to do is read Baseball America’s wrap up at summer’s end as they discuss which prosepcts out of the different league’s to watch.

      • ballparkbiz

        Not that anyone is debating this here, but from a business perspective, the top three summer collegiate leagues are as follows:

        (1) Northwoods League
        (2) Coastal Plain League
        (3) West Coast League

        The Cape has the top talent, but a ton of talent will continue to flock to these minor league-like top performers. The Futures, Prospect and NECBL follow from there (not necessarily in that order). While the business performance of a league is not determinitive when it comes to talent, playing in front of big crowds in better ballparks are factors. The PGCBL outpaces the NYCBL in that department.


  4. bb411

    Joe I will be shocked if Perfect Game lets Marty do that, but I could be wrong.

    Commish I think the same thing. I thought when Perfect Game came in and almost wipe out the NYCBL they would and were expecting to be one of the top leagues in the country. (No one will ever be even or better than Cape). I still wish they wouldn’t have broke up the NYCBL

  5. After watching the NECBL, FCBL, and Cape Cod league recently in New England, the Perfect Game League is quite a few notches down in my view.

  6. Joe

    Marty Radford, you have to be kidding!!! He is a scammer, screws coaches out of pay and players out of fees as they don’t get playing time, full of promises and doesn’t deliver…should be a used car salesman.

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