The Sandcastle to be Renamed Surf Stadium

Signaling a new day for baseball in Atlantic City (NJ), the city council is expected to vote Wednesday to change the name of Sandcastle Stadium, former home of the indy pro Atlantic City Surf (Atlantic League/Can-Am League), to Surf Stadium.  Officals are also expected to award a contract to Georgia Golf Construction, Inc. to install new turf and improve the infield.  Read more here.


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4 responses to “The Sandcastle to be Renamed Surf Stadium

  1. jeff hartsdale

    i just am a fan of leagues thriving and surviving. and from the looks of all indy leagues, and summer leagues in new england the fcbl seems to be it

  2. Mark.

    Judging by Mr Hartsdales’ previous postings on this site, he would seem to be the Futures League’s number one fan..

  3. jeff hartsdale

    it should go futures league

    • Brian

      Why is there such a love affair with the Futures League ? I would never want a collegiate league team before a professional team in my hometown.

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