Slammers Unveil Second Mascot

PRESS RELEASE – The Joliet Slammers announce the arrival of their second mascot: J.L. Bird.

“He can be a little mischievous,” Slammers Director of Marketing Sarah H. Eichenberger said. “But we’ve been assured that he’s perfectly friendly.”

J.L. Bird cannot speak but did write a statement. It took the team awhile to decipher the message because he’s a bird and lacks thumbs.

It reads: “I am excited to cause all sorts of mischief at Silver Cross Field this year. That bloodhound Spikes is going to have his hands full.”

J.L. made his debut Sunday night as he ran wild around Silver Cross Field. His interactions fans witnessed with the Slammers’ other mascot Spikes was just a preview of what is to come in 2011 and beyond.

Spikes had no comment but appeared to slightly grit his teeth when hearing J.L. Bird’s name. Being a former prison guard, Spikes is fully prepared for J.L. Bird’s antics.

For tickets to see these awesome mascots, and some great baseball, call (815) 722-2287 or visit

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