Blue Jays Happy with Double-A Affiliate, But…

The Toronto Blue Jays say they would “love to” extend their player development contract (PDC) with the Double-A New Hampshire Fisher Cats (Eastern League), despite rumors that the affiliation could move to Ottawa, if a Double-A franchise relocates there.  Read more here.  However, as we have suggested before, the club’s PDCs are far more than about great facilities and markets to develop players.  It’s about driving the Rogers Communications brand and services across Canada.  Rogers owns the Blue Jays, and the franchise is a tool to advance its business interests.  View Rogers’ corporate video here.  If Ottawa becomes a Double-A market, expect it to become a Blue Jays market too.  Thanks to John Cerone for the story link.


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7 responses to “Blue Jays Happy with Double-A Affiliate, But…

  1. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    Binghamton is probably trying to keep the fans coming but who doesn’t expect them to be the team moving…

  2. in the know

    The Tigers have already renewed for two years in Erie. One would think they would not do that if a sale and move to Ottawa by the Seawolves was in the offing. The Mets have yet to renew in Binghamton which fuels that rumor mill. Love to renew and actually renewing are two totally seperate things. Lots of thingsd I’d love to do that may never happen. All there is to wait for now is the owner in Binghamton to come clean with his fan base unless all the talk about Ottawa is just talk.Where there is smoke there is usually firs

  3. Scotty

    Anymore talk that Binghamton is the Double A team moving to Ottawa? B-Mets seem to keep implying there are staying but without a deal in place much like the Fisher Cats… tough to believe…

  4. John

    The obvious choice would be Rochester and Buffalo. But putting it in Ottawa would help grow baseball in Canada, they have a stadium on Ottawa it just needs upgrades. I think this can be done, and will be done.

  5. John

    No matter what happens, I think the Jays will be out of Las Vegas at seasons end. It just makes sense for the Jays to move back to the International League.

  6. John

    If the Jays keep there AA team in New Hampshire, what about moving there Triple-A team to Ottawa. The Jays deal with Las Vegas is done after the 2012 season, so wouldn’t it make sense for the Jays to put there Triple-A team in Ottawa closer to Toronto?

    • ballparkbiz

      Because the Jays do not own their Triple-A affiliate, a current or future Triple-A club owner would have to make that happen. The only group talking about moving any team to Ottawa is Beacon Sports.


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