Branding Round 3: New Name, Logo, and Unis for Santa Fe Team

The name and branding for the new indy pro Pecos League team in Santa Fe (NM) has been changed for a third time.  The team will now be known as the Santa Fe Fuego (Fire).  The team has previously been known as the Zozobras and Mountain Lions. Sangres was also used for a short time, but we never saw any branding for it. Read more hereView uniform designs hereRead cluster explanation here.


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11 responses to “Branding Round 3: New Name, Logo, and Unis for Santa Fe Team

  1. DonkSlayer

    the vaqueros played the diablos in a spring training game. that doesnt mean anything at all derrick.

  2. DonkSlayer

    The following came from the ACTUAL Pecos Legue OFFICAL site (ahahahah):

    Some of the greatest moments happened with the Bats:
    The dugout flooding in the Ruidoso Monsoons involved Bats Players.
    Andrew Riddick charging the mound and chasing one of the Bats pitchers in the outfield was a dark moment.
    6/23/2011 was ladies night at Apodoca Park in Las Cruces, the Vaqueros lost to the Bats 11-8. During the game three Vaqueros heckled Bats manager Ryan Powell so bad he chased them in the parking lot. The fans insulted Powell to the point the umpires were laughing as Powell coached third base. The fans were removed in the 8th inning.

    The Pecos League luckily did not try to put a team in Carlsbad New Mexico as originally thought. The team represented Carlsbad New Mexico and Carlsbad New Mexico didn’t even know they had a team. Everywhere the bats went, fans would say hey I know where Carlsbad Caverns are or I have a cousin in Carlsbad. The whole reason for the Bats was to get a team in Carlsbad for the 2012 season. Towards the end of the season the Pecos League met with the city of Carlsbad about bringing the Bats back as full time team for the 2012 season but it was not meant to be. No ballpark that meets league requirements. Carlsbad is still the perfect geographic location and all teams drive through Carlsbad numerous times with trips to Alpine. When Alpine and Carlsbad played a three game series at Caveman Corral in Carlsbad the teams just wanted out. Carlsbad’s heat was extreme 109 the day of the game and the winds were close the 35 mph. Ryan Stevens of the Alpine Cowboys said it was the worst facility he had seen in his 4 years of professional baseball. Lea Street Park is even worse. Same of the local Carlsbad fans thought it wasn’t fair to expect them to support a team that was 9-58. If Carlsbad held Spring Training in Carlsbad and had a decent team the support would have grown but it is not meant to be.

    Towards the end of the season alot of New Mexico and Alpine fans began to like the Bats. The players were for the most part very likeable guys. And in the end of the season they played hard. They took over an entire house in Alamogordo and learned to adjust to Desert life. By the end of the season many of the Bats players were sad to go and will remember the Summer of 2011 for the rest of their lives.

  3. Derrick

    Steve is a coward…. period, knows nothing about the game what so ever.

    I know the owners of the league personally… What kind of designs do you have, did you design logos for MLB teams>?

    Pecos League team beat an american association team and went into extra innings with a team from united league, two games last year the frontier league had starting pitchers in the same game that came from PEcos League…

    I like the Pecos League but Ruidoso was a really bad move for them, it was a joke of facility

  4. Derrick

    well I think now they abandoned Ruidoso they are a big step up, that place was a joke…. Everyone loves the Santa Fe Logo.

  5. DonkSlayer

    AHAHAHAHA… this league is so terrible. hahahah… just go away. Dont they play games at like rec fields and get in brawls at applebee’s? haha.. do they pay the players? I bet the level of play is WAY below your typical run of the mill D3 college. there are high school teams in FL that would hands down kill these teams. NEWS FLASH TO ASPIRING “PRO” BASEBALL PLAYERS…. IF YOUR ONLY OPPORTUNITY IS THE PECOS LEGUE, GET A LIFE.

  6. Derrick

    who is steve the authority in sports design??? I love the colors it is way different than any team in Pecos and represents new mexico…
    I like the Santa Fe Logo best in the Pecos League and like the name

  7. Steve

    Wow…horrible looking logo and uniform set. The same can be said for the entire Pecos League. I reached out to the owner three or four months ago to see if they’d want help with rebranding teams, but got no response. I resent the same email a month later, and finally heard back that no help was needed, but Trinidad was having a logo design contest (if the logo they are now using was the winner…wow).

    This league needs to step up their branding identity if they want to be taken seriously. It’s unfortunate, but as of now, all of the logos and uniforms look like they were designed in Microsoft Paint in 1992.

    • Indy baller

      wow u sound bitter becuase no one wanted your help, well you will be bitter for years to come with that attitude.

      • Steve

        Bitter? Far from it. I could care less that they didn’t want my help, but being a graphic designer, my eyes are offended whenever I look at a Peco League logo or uniform. They could have done much, much better on the identity of the entire league if they actually cared about, and knew how important branding was. Oh well.

      • Spectator777

        I am a little torn here. While I agree with Steve the design of the websites and logos look like they pre-date the internet and computers, the league is entering it’s 2nd year of operations so kudos to them..

        I believe the league owner/president/commissioner/resident chair weilder is a programmer and has taken care of all of the websites and fantasy league.. Which would explain a lot – traditionally coders/programmers think they have an eye for design.

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