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Sports Columnist Makes Pitch for Better Santa Fe Ballpark

Santa Fe Fuego LogoOver the weekend, it was revealed that Pecos League commissioner Andrew Dunn’s pecking order of top-notch franchises in his independent circuit had Santa Fe fourth- or fifth-best.  Local sports columnist James Barron thinks Fort Marcy Ballpark, home of the league’s Santa Fe Fuego, has a lot to do with Santa Fe’s ranking.  Read more here.

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Santa Fe’s Fort Marcy Park Has Its Challenges, But…

Santa Fe Fuego Logo Fort Marcy Park in Santa Fe (NM) has its issues, including no clubhouse or storage, and the city has watering and grass-cutting restrictions for the field, but the indy pro Santa Fe Fuego (Pecos League) are happy to call the ballpark home for the coming third season.  Read more here.

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Fuego to Host 2014 Pecos League All-Star Game, Logo Released

Santa Fe Fuego LogoPRESS RELEASE – The All Star Game will have a home run derby, pregame meal and other league festivities. Santa Fe hosted the 2013 All Star Game which was a huge success for fans, players and travel. Santa Fe has proved it is a very popular city in the league for fans to go and see their players play in an All Star Game. Continue reading

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In a Win for Fuego, Council Eliminates ‘Beer Jail’

Santa Fe Fuego LogoThe Santa Fe (NM) City Council voted 6-0 Wednesday to allow the consumption of beer in the stands and concession areas at Fort Marcy Ballpark, eliminating the so-called “beer jail” during indy pro Santa Fe Fuego (Pecos League) games.  Read more here.

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Expanded Beer Consumption at Santa Fe Ballpark Takes Next Step

Santa Fe Fuego LogoA Santa Fe (NM) City Council committee unanimously recommended a proposal to allow beer consumption (with a number of annoying restrictions) in the entire seating and concession area at Fort Marcy Ballpark during indy pro Santa Fe Fuego (Pecos League) games, instead of just the “beer jail.”  The full City Council will hold a public hearing on the matter on Sept. 11.  Read more here.

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Fuego Get New Scoreboard

Santa Fe Fuego LogoIt’s not quite one of those fancy new videoboards of today, but the city of Santa Fe (NM) installed a new scoreboard Wednesday at Fort Marcy Ballpark, home of the Santa Fe Fuego (Pecos League).  The scoreboard was donated by the Kiwanis Club of Santa Fe.  Read more and view photos here.

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Trinidad Triggers, Santa Fe Fuego Make Debut

The expansion indy pro Trinidad Triggers (Pecos League) made their home debut against the league’s other expansion franchise — the Santa Fe Fuego — at Central Park last Tuesday.  Read more hereView photos here.  The two teams met again the following night at Fort Marcy Park for Santa Fe’s inaugural home opener.  Read more hereView photos here.


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Branding Round 3: New Name, Logo, and Unis for Santa Fe Team

The name and branding for the new indy pro Pecos League team in Santa Fe (NM) has been changed for a third time.  The team will now be known as the Santa Fe Fuego (Fire).  The team has previously been known as the Zozobras and Mountain Lions. Sangres was also used for a short time, but we never saw any branding for it. Read more hereView uniform designs hereRead cluster explanation here.


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