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AWBL Locks In Las Cruces and Bisbee

American West Baseball League LogoThe start-up indy pro American West Baseball League issued two press releases today announcing finalized deals with Las Cruces (NM) and Bisbee (AZ).  Read announcements here and here.

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Branding Round 3: New Name, Logo, and Unis for Santa Fe Team

The name and branding for the new indy pro Pecos League team in Santa Fe (NM) has been changed for a third time.  The team will now be known as the Santa Fe Fuego (Fire).  The team has previously been known as the Zozobras and Mountain Lions. Sangres was also used for a short time, but we never saw any branding for it. Read more hereView uniform designs hereRead cluster explanation here.


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Committee Rejects Beer Sales at Santa Fe Ballpark

The Public Works Committee in Santa Fe (NM) has given the thumbs down to beer sales at Fort Marcy Park.  No matter your feelings about the viability of the second-year indy pro Pecos League, which is targeting Santa Fe for expansion in 2012, the rejection of beer sales was a result of overblown, knee-jerk reactions.  Read more here and here.  Thanks to John Cerone for the news.

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Santa Fe (NM) on Pecos League Wish List

The Pecos League is eyeballing Santa Fe (NM) as a 2012 expansion city.  The only problem is that city officials won’t return phone calls left by league commissioner Andrew Dunn.  The league would like to play at Fort Marcy Park.  Potential team names are the Steamers, Federals, Capitals, Indians, Express, Bombers, and SylistsRead more here.  UPDATE:  Click here.

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Andrew Dunn on Carlsbad Series: ‘Worst Decision I’ve Made…’

Pecos League commissioner Andrew Dunn isn’t happy with his decision to play a series of games in Carlsbad (NM), as evidenced by a few majorly blunt quotes in the local paper.  The hope was that a strong turnout could put the community on the map for 2012 expansion, but poor attendance (a mere 23 for Game 1 on Sunday) puts that idea in serious jeopardy.  Read more here.


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Pecos League to Play in Clovis (NM)

PRESS RELEASE – The Pecos League of Professional Baseball Clubs will finally play in Clovis, New Mexico. On Thursday, July 28th, the Pecos League will hold a game between Alpine Cowboys and Carlsbad Bats at Mike Harris Field, the city owned park in Clovis. Continue reading

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Commissioners Approve Beer Sales for Pupfish

Despite opposition voiced by three passionate citizens on Tuesday night, the Alamagordo City Commission unanimously approved beer sales at Griggs Sports Complex, where the start-up Pecos League’s White Sands Pupfish will begin play in May.  Read more here.  On an interesting side note, the Roswell (NM) Invaders and Las Cruces (NM) Vaqueros from the Pecos will each play an exhibition Continue reading

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Pupfish to Host Pecos League’s Inaugural All-Star Game, but Support for the Team is Scarce

The White Sands (Alamagordo, NM) Pupfish have been selected to host the start-up Pecos League’s inaugural All-Star Game on July 10 at the Griggs ComplexRead more here.  Unfortunately, the club is reportedly not getting much support from the community.  Read more here.


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Southwestern States League Mess Hits the Clovis Newspaper

The start-up Southwestern States League might have a little more trouble on its hands, as the newspaper in its largest market by far is raising legitimate questions about the league’s future.  Yes, we’re mentioned.  Read more here.


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Food Integral to Farmington Ballpark Experience, Mack Series

The Connie Mack World Series is underway at 6,100-seat Ricketts Park in Farmington (NM), and tasty ballpark fare is as important as the play on the field.  Read more here.

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