Bluefish to High Point 2019

Plans are moving forward to bring a baseball team and a multi-use stadium to downtown High Point (NC), and it appears the Bridgeport Bluefish (Independent Professional, Atlantic League) will be heading south to open a new chapter for the franchise.  Read more and watch video here.  Read about hotel project here.


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4 responses to “Bluefish to High Point 2019

  1. Rf9

    Maybe high point university with some added seats could do in a pinch

    • ballparkbiz

      Possibly, but I think it would be wiser for them to play in another location until they are ready for the big splash in the new market. You don’t want to impede your opportunity to blow fans away from the starting gate with a new ballpark, branding, and all the buzz that comes with the launch of a sports franchise.

  2. Edward

    Will the Bluefish play as a travel team in 2018 or find a one year temp home?

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