Former NFL QB Joe Theisman Helps to Revive Baseball Talks in Loudoun County

Atlantic League LogoFresh attempts to bring minor league baseball to Loudoun appear to be gathering momentum. A new group, which includes former Redskins quarterback Joe Theisman is lending its support to the plans, which could finally see a stadium built in the county.  Read more here.  Are we still talking about an Atlantic League (Independent Professional) franchise?  It’s not clear.


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3 responses to “Former NFL QB Joe Theisman Helps to Revive Baseball Talks in Loudoun County

  1. David

    Love it that Theisman would be involved. So cool. Im from KC, but Joe was my uncle’s favorite quarterback. Im a baseball nutt that was looking for an independent team named after a dog. You can imagine my exitement seeing Theisman might do it. What a tremendous announcer he was as well. One of MY favorites. Hope he does it, and if so, I hope they still call it Hounds…or Dogs or something.

  2. Bballman

    $30 million for a stadium. Another $2 million for an Atlantic League team and $10 million+ for an Milb team. You do the math. Without any kind of state or county monies the numbers may not work. There’s a reason most teams don’t own their own stadiums.

  3. Been Around

    Theismann. Sheeesh.

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