Rams Evicted From Watertown Ballpark

Watertown Rams LogoWe’re not sure what has truly gone down in Watertown (NY), but the city has notified the summer collegiate Watertown Rams (Perfect Game League) that the team can no longer play at city-owned Alex T. Duffy Fairgrounds, claiming players trashed the facility’s locker room and the team failed to pay its water bill.  Read more here.


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4 responses to “Rams Evicted From Watertown Ballpark

  1. Ballpark Fan

    Who is gonna have to clean up these sunflower seeds and peanut shells from off the ground?

  2. Been Around

    Seems like a huge over-reaction based on kids making a mess and the team owing a couple of dollars, wonder if there’s more to the story here. Maybe this is a last straw thing. This makes the city look bad, which according to the article is something they are used to.

  3. The Prophet

    I’m shocked, SHOCKED! to learn that a summer collegiate team left the clubhouse in disarray! What next? Trash left in buses?

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