Jackrabbits Go 1980s Retro Padres with Unis

Kokomo Jackrabbits LogoBeyond the name and logo unveiling for the expansion summer collegiate Kokomo Jackrabbits (Prospect League) during a press conference on Monday, non-attendees caught a glimpse of the team’s throwback San Diego Padres-inspired uniforms via Twitter.   They are not for everyone (at least one uni-aficionado loves the old Padres look), but the brown, mustard and orange will certainly stand out from the rest.  For a closer inspection, click on the graphic below:

Kokomo Jackrabbits Logos and Uniforms



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4 responses to “Jackrabbits Go 1980s Retro Padres with Unis

  1. Steve

    Is there even any tie-in between Kokomo and SD…or is this just totally random? I get that retro is in, but lifting the entire look from a team 2000+ miles away is kind of strange.

    • The Prophet

      Wow! I was unaware how exactingly derivative these unis are! If there wasn’t a connection before, there’s for sure one now! Hope the designer didn’t charge full price for this work.

  2. Jason

    I was just joking about the old Padres’ color scheme. However, to have the whole name of the uniform seems a bit too much. They should have just went with putting Rabbits on the front.

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