San Angelo Colts File for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

San Angelo Colts LogoHere we go again with the Bryant and Pierce show, as the ownership of the indy pro San Angelo Colts (United League), led by former Congressman John Bryant, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which will stay a foreclosure action and keep the team in operation.  The Colts recently received notice of foreclosure from their lender on the stadium note for Foster Field, where the team plays.  Read more here.


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5 responses to “San Angelo Colts File for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

  1. Dave Kost

    Have not heard any talk about San Angelo Colts having been sold. Although that would be exactly what’s needed.

  2. Jim

    If SA is bankrupt they’re all done. Relying on Fort Worth Cats income for whiole league, same thing every year at this time…post big attendance numbers from 4th of July games, after telling partners that they will get paid after that big income, and then oops, sorry, just don’t have enough after payroll….stall…never see money. They just find new victims every year that don’t know their reputation. Years and years of this from these two. The league won’t last the season as they call it off to save paying people. Soon hopefully those two will finally be done ruining Indy ball in Texas.

  3. William

    I heard that the Colts have been sold. Is this true?

  4. Dave Kost

    This news comes as no surprise. As the current ownership just might be the worst in professional sports. Ownership didn’t feel it important to pay salaried and gameday employees or the players their last checks owed from the 2013 season. Both are poor businessman who give independent baseball a black-eye.

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