Pecos League Officially Enters Arizona

Pecos League LogoBoard members of the Bisbee (AZ) Unified School District voted unanimously to lease Warren Ball Park to the indy pro Pecos League beginning in May next year through July.  As previously posted, the expansion franchise will be known as the Bisbee Blue.  A new team called the Douglas Diablos in nearby Douglas (AZ) will reportedly also take the  field in 2014.  Read more hereRead press release here.


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2 responses to “Pecos League Officially Enters Arizona

  1. SoCal Mama

    After our son’s so called “spring Training” in Houston Texas, after a so called tryout for Indy ball, this Pecos league is nothing but a (DELETED). If you pay attention to all the desperate pleas they are making for fans and host families, there are no funds to support the league they promise to kids and families that spent near 4,000 for 3 weeks of nothing…. My son and other team mates had to use their own baseballs even, played a total of 9 games in 3 and a half weeks, and what did he get after initially being told he was drafted to Spring ball, NOTHING!, but an “invite” to another “invite, spring training tryout asking for more fees. There has been a promise to pay 54.00 each week, but after my son attended another reputable tryout today in the Riverside California Area, facts and truth are making its way quickly with other scouts and players who know….. People are all saying the same thing, so BEWARE!!!!! Andrew Dunn is nothing but a (DELETED)! This league and everything it represents is nothing but (DELETED) and (DELETED). They just finished a “spring Training” which cost each player 2500.00 to stay at motel 6 with no cooking facility and 4-5 people to a room that cost 35.oo a night. The verbage they use on their website that they claim to not be, i.e….telling others to” beware of false promise of exposure to minor league scouts”, is exactly what they ARE!.. if you look at the Blue Bisbee Facebook page they actually say they are a’ minor league professional team”… We have come to the conclusion that most people who went inclusive of ourselves were (DELETED) in the worst way! At this level, taking advantage and disquising yourselves as a legitimate league, and then charge kids and families money they don’t have?????? where is the money? Each team in this league is still holding additional tryouts for spring season, but are charging 300.00 and up! With not enough host families… We have been told others that checks last year bounced and kids had to live in hotels for the entire season! Not for this family! We are done with this league!

  2. Indy V

    I hope Arizona is using protection.

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