Pacifics Under New Ownership

PRESS RELEASE – The San Rafael Pacifics Baseball Club have announced a new ownership group that will oversee club operations in 2013 and beyond. Redwood Sports and Entertainment Group, LLC, have purchased the assets of the San Rafael Pacifics and Sonoma County Grapes.

The ownership group of Mike Shapiro, along with current minority partners, Eugene Lupario and Steve Allan, will administer day-to-day operations of the Pacifics, effective immediately.

“We are excited to take control of the Pacifics, and look forward to providing San Rafael with affordable, family fun at Albert Park,” said Shaprio, Pacifics team president and general manager.

Original creator of the Pacifics and former principal owner, Brian Clark, elected to sell his steak in the team after the inaugural season, sighting an inability to be involved as much as he wished. Mr. Clark, who lives in East Bay with his wife and two young children, wanted the team to be in the hands of locally based ownership. Shapiro and Lupario are both residents of Marin County.

The Pacifics are hoping to release their 2013 schedule in Jan. of 2013, and are working hard this offseason to build business and community relationships that will endure for years to come. Season ticket plans will be available as soon as the schedule is released.


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12 responses to “Pacifics Under New Ownership

  1. Paul

    Basically all your doing is ditching the American Association name for the Northern League name, & getting rid of the teams for Texas. Other than Quebec & Trois Rivieres I don’t see to many viable teams in the East.

  2. Matty

    But again it is a rumor I was told, there may be nothing to it, although I hope there is

  3. Matty

    I have no idea who is in place, I don’t believe there is much behind the feeder league, they have discussed this several times over the past 15 years and it always caught some attention and fizzled out…Fargo and Winnipeg I would include, from what I was told a lot of owners who left the Northern League aren’t happy in either the American Association or the Frontier League. The Can-Am League isn’t much and who can trust these west coast leagues.

  4. Matty

    I hope it would be a return of the originals Schaumburg, Joliet, Gary, Lincoln, Kansas City, St. Paul, Sioux Falls, Sioux City, Kalamazoo and maybe some northern league east action with Brockton, Worcester, Rockland, Newark, New Jersey maybe Sussex, Atlantic City and New Haven or Binghamton if they indeed move to Ottawa but if you look at all of them outside of Newark, Atlantic City and Rockland the other teams all saw instant decline in talent level, operations and big drops in attendance…Schaumburg, Joliet, Lincoln, Gary, Brockton, Sioux Falls were all over 3,000 people with the first 4 of those all being over 4,000 several years in a row.

    I don’t know anything more then what I had heard that the northern league could make a come back. However, I would love to see this and think it would be good for the INDY name given that the RIGHT people are in place.

    • Paul

      Very interesting, I think this proposed Northern League could head in a different direction. Teams like Lincoln, Kansas City, St Paul, Sioux Falls, Sioux City are already in a pretty good situation with the American Association. What would happen to Winnipeg, & Fargo? Arguably two of the best indy teams EVER. As for teams from the East, I think the Atlantic League Feeder League has already taken care of some of the cities you mentioned, and is probably working on Newark, Rockland, & Worcester trying to take them from Miles Wolff. I think Miles Wolff is in big trouble with both the American Association & CanAm League, teams are sick of having to travel from both leagues just to keep the Quebec teams a float.

      Who are these people that are in place?

  5. Matty

    Gene from the sounds of it I would suggest you are part of the AWBL, otherwise why talking about a person not even on this blog. I usually do not comment on these things, but last I knew the North American Baseball league still existed, just that the league was now operated by the Texas team owner and nothing about ceasing operations or ceasing to exist last I checked San Rafael, Maui, the other Hawaii Team and the Texas teams all still belong to this league, not to mention it is the only viable option for teams in Northern California and Western Canada unless the American Association or Frontier League would take them on. This further leads me to believe that you are indeed part of the AWBL. I have no issues with either league as long as they are used to promote good professional baseball I am behind it. I do think however that it is a bit classless if you are indeed part of the league to be on here monitoring our thoughts, concerns and issues and taking offense to them. If you are a member of the AWBL good luck and prove us wrong but no one can be expected to just take your word for it, there isn’t a ton of successful operating experience from the people within the league and with the Western League, Golden League and the recent issues with the North American League, along with the fact that the league ownership and operators were all from the GBL in Maui and St. George and the Commissioner was an assistant gm in Tucson (GBL) makes it a hard one to feel confident about also with jumping right back into failed GBL markets i.e. Long Beach, San Diego, Yuma the only two markets that were any good in the GBL were Tucson and Fullerton.

    On other Indy news, I heard recently from an undisclosed source that the Northern League is preparing a comeback, and if it held a similar model and could grab some of the markets that once held success like Schaumburg, Joliet and Gary who have all dipped in attendance since switching leagues, this would be great for the game. Next to the Atlantic League this was probably the best one out there in my opinion.

  6. RoT

    Whoever the AWBL is being ran under probably has some very good intentions in running a league but I remain skeptical.

    Was the AWBL not first intoduced in April or May? Yet the league still sits at FOUR teams. The first thing you do before introducing a league is have your list of teams/owners set and ready to go, correct? Maybe the league will introduce everything in the coming weeks.

    Another thing I’m surprised at is the AWBL is having a league tryout in Tucson? I expect Tucson will not be in the league this season but maybe down the road. Why wouldn’t you have a tryout in the Phoenix Area or in Yuma. The AWBL could have a pick of the litter with all the Spring Training Ballparks in the Phoenix Area or Yuma is part of the league, it’s a nice way to reward a city in your league with a tryout.

    The way it looks to me the AWBL is going to try and get by with the bare minimum on everything. Which should provide us the fans with something to talk about.

    Sorry for not talking about the new Ownership in San Rafael. From what I seen and heard San Rafael ran a very good organization last summer. All the best to the Pacifics.

    • The problem with people writing posts here is the facts are never correct. Let’s start out with the cost of try-outs, where does it state that it is $600 I just looked and the registration form states $99 for early sign up and $149 for walk on. As far as letting you know if they have staff or not does not mean it does not exist. An the pure fact that you have used this article to write about the AWBL instead of a team that belonged to a league that no longer exist and did not exist last year means you have an issue with AWBL. Maybe, you are RON and not RoT changing a letter does not excuse who you really are. I am sure the AWBL will be watching RoT now.

  7. RoT

    Well at least the ownership group in San Rafael has a clue in what they are doing. A strong local Ownership is key in building a strong team on & off the field no matter what sport it is. “Season ticket plans will be available as soon as the schedule is released”… sounds like it’s logical to do this, but I know a league (AWBL) that’s already trying to sell season tickets without having a league schedule, a complete list of teams that will play in the league, managers, and front office staff for it’s teams. The AWBL is running a league tryout for the begining of Dec, what’s the cost you ask $600 which is crazy. The NAL or whatever you want to call it, ran a tryout at the begining of November in San Diego for a cost of $60 per player. Biggest scam AWBL.

    How do you sell Sponsorships, Season Tickets & and ask players to pay $600 for a tryout, when NONE of the current teams have Managers, Front Office Staff, heck some of th teams probably don’t have a lease on a stadium yet. It just blows my mind how people can get away with this, and nobody says a thing. The AWBL is no different than the GBL, it’s being ran at the benefit of a company and not it’s TEAMS, it never has worked that way and will never work that way.

    • ballparkbiz

      “…nobody says a thing.”

      We are the only site out there trying to hold leagues accountable when the red flags fly. We have been attacked by operators of proposed leagues on numerous occasions. Information and education is the key. Beyond that, investors, players, vendors, sponsors, and communities are on their own to make their own decisions.


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