Gray Predicting a Different Experience for Ottawa Baseball Fans This Time Around

Ottawa Sun blogger Ken “The Bulldog” Gray, a vocal proponent of bringing Double-A ball to Ottawa, visited Grayson Stadium last spring to experience the Single-A Savannah Sand Gnats (South Atlantic League) operation first hand.  While taking minor shots at the former Triple-A Ottawa Lynx (International League) and even the Toronto Blue Jays, Gray voices his expectations for a fun-filled experience at Ottawa Stadium for fans of the coming Eastern League team.  Read more here.  Thanks to John Cerone for the link.


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15 responses to “Gray Predicting a Different Experience for Ottawa Baseball Fans This Time Around

  1. Paul

    Montreal a.k.a “the dark side of the moon” in baseball circles is not on MLB’s radar. MLB owners won’t let a U.S. based franchise transfer out of the country – Fla. or Cali. politicians will be falling over each other to reverse the anti-trust exemption and create many other roadblocks.
    MLB owners don’t want to have to deal with that.
    Also, ESPN & Fox don’t want another Canadien franchise because they lose a market every time they have to cover a game there, that’s big $$$’s.
    The only “interest” in pro baseball in Montreal is coming from fans, not MLB and they’re the ones with the power.

  2. Danrodriguez804

    I think if a stadium site is found, it certainly is within the realm of possibility. Montreal is without a doubt a major league town. More so than St. Pete and Oakland, and definitely more so than Orlando and LV. Plus I’m sure MLB would love to have the leverage of saying to TB or Oak that there’s another market available. I think it’s apparent it just not going to work in TB. A young, winning team with a deep system and little fan interest. Bring ’em to Montreal, which is in the east coast btw. Closer to Boston, NY, Toronto, Baltimore than TB

  3. Ron

    Do you really believe MLB will ever end up back in Montreal? They would need a new ballpark and a franchise that could or would move. Oakland has a better chance of remaining in Oakland then going to Montreal over San Jose, Las Vegas, Portland…and Tampa will remain an East Coast team even if it means going to Orlando or Charlotte…what are your thoughts?

  4. Danrodriguez804

    Or what it if Erie moves to Ottawa and the NYPL moves to the new ballpark in WV? So I guess another lame duck season in Batavia.

    I like it – baseball returning to Ottawa, Montreal trying to get back into MLB (make it happen!)

  5. in the know

    Erie will be going to Ottawa and a NY Penn Team will be moved to Erie!

  6. Baseball Fan

    There has been a lot of talk (smoke) about affiliated baseball returning to Ottawa. Much to my amazement, there possibly could be something in the works for a Eastern League team relocated to the city. I am sure we will have to wait in anticipation until then.

  7. Ron

    Didn’t they have some GREAT season during the early 90s of 500,000 people plus? I have been there to see a baseball tournament…it is a nice park and was probably one of the better parks when it was first built, but it is rather bland now. And I wonder why they would announce without the name of the team transferring being noted…

    • ballparkbiz

      They are likely still finalizing the details of the deal. Also, the Eastern League and New York-Penn League playoffs are still going on. There is likely a desire not to raise the volume on relocation matters by making an announcement or announcements until after the seasons come to a complete close. At least that is how I would handle it.


  8. Why would they make an announcement, with the Eastern League clearly on board, if wasn’t going to happen ? I was skeptical at first too, but once the I saw the EL president quoted as saying that they were definitely coming to Ottawa, it made me think this was a done deal. I don’t like the idea of Erie or Binghamton losing their team (especially when there are Southern League cities who don’t deserve to keep theirs), but if someone thinks they can make a go of it in Ottawa, more power to them.

  9. Paul

    …”Every team is doing well where it is.”…
    Not true, but the towns & states that have taxpayer investments in franchises will fight tooth and nail to keep ’em.

  10. The Baseball Traveler

    I love the city of Ottawa. It’s one of the prettiest on the continent. What other city would pay people to water the flowers all summer? Having said that, I hate to burst the bubble, but there is no Eastern League team that is going to move there. Every team is doing well where it is.

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