Pecos League Targets New Markets, Triggers Unveil New Logo

The indy pro Pecos League has completed its 2012 season and is looking at new markets for expansion.  In typical Pecos League fashion, teams have been named before the markets and venues have been  secured.  Proposed new franchises include the Bravos Del Rio, Lubbock Hubbers, Pueblo Westerners, and Durango Brewskis.  View list here.  In the meantime, the Trinidad Triggers have unveiled a new logo.


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3 responses to “Pecos League Targets New Markets, Triggers Unveil New Logo

  1. baseball scout

    So the Pecos is Class D.
    It moves players.
    More players want to play than there are roster spots.
    Filling a niche!

  2. jason

    This is the worst league ever, players have to drive there own cars, pay for gas and when they are on the road they don’t get meal money so you have to get everything out of pocket You lose money playing in this league. Players get 50 dollars a week and expected to survive off of that the whole summer. The fields are terrible and the league is ran horribly, the league holds players back from moving up to higher leagues just so the teams can win and when the season is over the league sends guys up with a month left into higher leagues season, its a big joke and the Pecos league won’t be around much longer. Hope they make the best of it while it’s here. Worst league ever

  3. Jay

    Are they really trying to have teams in Del Rio, Lubbock and Pueblo again

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