Freedom League Cancels Playoffs

In an apparent cost-cutting move, the start-up indy pro Freedom Pro Baseball League has reportedly cancelled the league’s playoffs scheduled for Sept. 6-10 at Scottsdale Stadium.  Read more here.


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2 responses to “Freedom League Cancels Playoffs

  1. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    His resume isn’t going to change anything. The haphazard way of running the league was the problem. No advertising, no promotion, no website updates, just nothing but people on a field. It was basically a rec league.

  2. azball78

    The black eye on Indy league baseball in the state of Arizona is offical. Ran by a person who has no business being in professional baseball. I would really like to see a resume of Joe Sperle. Well there is some good things out of this, some quality players grabbed there bags and took off to real indy leagues early, when the black cloud was forming over Scottsdale Stadium. 22 people at a game dont pay bills,15 being family members getting in free at will call dont help much either. $100 taken in with concessions included for a saturday night game, stay classy Freedom Pro League .

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