More Bad News for ‘Pink Elephant’

La Lay Sports, which took control of Homestead Sports Complex last summer, has reportedly failed to carry the required insurance on the property and still owes the city $29,000 in past-due utility bills.  A number of liens have also been filed against the stadium property.  The owner of La Lay also appears to be in personal financial trouble.  Read more here.

Homestead was built in 1991 as the new spring training home for the Cleveland Indians.  A monster hurricane then decimated it before the Indians moved in. The ballpark was rebuilt in 1993, but the Indians had already gone elsewhere, and no other MLB team came calling.  After 20 years without a real tenant, the city inked a deal last summer with La Lay to operate the stadium.


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3 responses to “More Bad News for ‘Pink Elephant’

  1. jerrycoleman11

    Does anyone know the current situation of this property?

    Is it in use, has it been leased by another person/entity, are there any outstanding debts associated with the property, is it in good condition?

  2. Hawk87

    Fascinating story, including the link to the ballpark website.

    Is Homestead a densely populated suburb? Or is it a smallish town that doesn’t have the means to support a FSL team or an American Association/Northern League?

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