New Canadian League on Deck?

We spoke too soon on Sunday.  It looks like Can-Am League/American Association chief Miles Wolff is interested in developing a new Canadian baseball circuit that would include inter-league play with the Can-Am League.  Montreal would apparently be the foundation market to make this happen, if a proposed new 5,000 to 7,000-seat ballpark comes to fruition.  Wolff reportedly met with a group of interested parties in Montreal, including Mark Routtenberg, a former minority shareholder of the Montreal Expos.

According to Wolff, the North American League’s Calgary Vipers and Edmonton Capitals, the American Association’s Winnipeg Goldeyes, and Can-Am League’s Quebec Capitales would probably join forces with Montreal to form the league.  An expansion franchise in Trois Rivieres could launch in the Can-Am League before moving on to become a sixth Canadian league club.  Read more here.  Use the free translation tool here, if you don’t know French.  We don’t, so feel free to clarify anything in the comments section if our interpretation is inaccurate.


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4 responses to “New Canadian League on Deck?

  1. Michele Trembley

    Montrael in the Can-Am League would be huge!!!!!

  2. in the know

    The rest of the CAN AM will then flip to Summer Collegiate and join the new Futures League.

  3. Zeyes

    Wouldn’t that effectively make the Can-Am League an Am-only League? Not that the idea isn’t without merit…the Can-Am has already been trending towards being a sort of Atlantic League farm league due to their overlapping footprints, perhaps concentrating their efforts on that part of their geography would be worthwhile. And on the Canadian side – Quebec looks like it will prosper in any league, but for the eternal Montreal efforts (and in a way also Trois Rivieres) it might well be more helpful if they’re backed by a Canada-centric league, rather than appearing as a fifth wheel of a mostly American one.

    • Zeyes

      Hmm, probably one too many negations in that second sentence…I’m sure you know what I meant, though. :)

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