Alexandria Aces Ditch Continental for Texas Collegiate League

In a search for league stability and a viable travel schedule, the Alexandria (LA) Aces have ended their relationship with the independent professional Continental Baseball League and joined the Texas Collegiate League for the 2010 season.  This will bring the TCL lineup to seven teams, with a number of new franchises lining up for 2011.

This move by the Aces appears to be the final nail in the CBL coffin in East Texas and Louisiana.  As reported over the past few months, the Texarkana (TX) Gunslingers, Bay Area (Texas City, TX) Toros, and South Louisiana Pipeliners have gone belly up.  This reality left the Aces with a monster CBL travel schedule that would have included 800 mile one-way roadtrips to their closest league competitor in West Texas.

The TCL is a great fit for the Aces.  Expenses will be lower, travel will be relatively compact, and the play on the field will be top-notch with aspiring college athletes from talent rich Texas and the surrounding region.  The move should bring baseball stability and longevity to Alexandria and Bringhurst Field.


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3 responses to “Alexandria Aces Ditch Continental for Texas Collegiate League

  1. The CBL people need to just cut their losses and fold up their tents once and for all. They have been a running joke from the start and a total embarassment to all of independent and minor league baseball.

    • The concept of the corporate tie-in to the team name was cleverly used 30 years ago by Russ Parker, owner of the Calgary Cannons of the class AAA Pacific Coast League. Russ was the largest Canon office machines dealer in Western Canada and if you look at the team’s logo, it uses the same font as Canon… with an extra “n” of course. And…. there were many tie-ins. We used some very good marketing slogans, such as “loaded with fun!”, “Cannons’ baseball is a BLAST”. We had a civil war style cannon constructed and detonated it on home runs and victories.

      • ballparkbiz


        Nice bit of factual history here, of which we were unaware. Thank you! Too bad the folks in Terre Haute stumbled out of the gate. Hopefully, they will “get it” with time.

        All the best,


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