Ranking the Best Independent Professional Baseball Stadiums of 2018

Stadium Journey takes a look at the top independent baseball stadiums in North America.  The results were similar to their first rankings two-years-ago, but there have been a few new facilities that made the 2018 list.  Read more here.


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4 responses to “Ranking the Best Independent Professional Baseball Stadiums of 2018

  1. Adam Wexler

    It sounds like a lot has changed since my last visit to Rockland; I was not aware of a train being at the stadium, sounds like a place to take my kid. I will see the United Shores League stadium is pretty top-notch, the facility houses four clubs and has an amazing game day staff. The game I went to was vibrant, fans were interested in the game, and my kid loved the mini-diamond behind right field. I wish the club was in the Frontier League or American Association.

  2. In The Know

    Pretty good list; But for Rockland’s ballpark to be not in the top twenty is disgraceful…. As someone who has seen games in York, Lancaster, LI, Somerset, and So MD, I’d put Rockland on top of the list. Between the train, the playground, the Mini-Golf and the food (upgraded this past year) it’s at worst #2 in the Can-Am/ATL league… I can’t speak for the AA or Frontier or United Shores but you can’t have a list without Rockland.

  3. Meghan Welker

    There are many great independent baseball stadiums and glad to see Impact Field make the list, sure was a cheap way to enjoy baseball in Chicago. They just need shade.

    • Dennis

      I am also disappointed that Rocklands ballpark wasn’t listed. That is an Awesome ballpark and should be listed in the top 10.

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