Baseball Returns to Hannibal, Officials Introduce ‘Hannibal Hoots’

PRESS RELEASE – In a press conference several weeks ago, the Prospect League and team officials announced Hannibal’s return to the league lineup for 2018 with a new ownership structure and completely new management. This is to be, for all intents and purposes, a new team, not a revival of the one that played at Clemens Field up until two seasons ago.

With a new team, comes a new name and identity. Hannibal team officials unveiled that new identity Wednesday – the Hannibal Hoots.

Hannibal general manager Matt Stembridge said the team got more than 350 suggestions from the community as part of the “Dub the Club” campaign with a local newspaper, The Hannibal Courier-Post.

“We are extremely excited to introduce ourselves to the city of Hannibal, the Prospect League, the region and the baseball community as the Hannibal Hoots,” said Stembridge. “We are very grateful for guidance and help provided by the Prospect League Commissioner’s Office during the process. Dennis Bastien was instrumental in the development of our team identity.”

The logo creation process began with a call to Prospect League commissioner Dennis Bastien. “Dennis is probably as close to an expert on logo design as you can find,” Stembridge added. “He gave us a rough understanding of what we needed.”

“Talk about extensive soul-searching and collaboration! We probably exchanged hundreds, perhaps over a thousand, team name ideas,” Bastien said. “Feeling it was important to not use any name used by any professional or college team, several ideas were shot down when researching usage, now or ever.”

Bastien added “We felt the Hannibal area deserved a uniqueness of its’ own.I personally feel the name is ideal.”

With the logo done, the team can now focus on forming a complete online identity. A team website is in the works and social media accounts are being branded with the new name and logo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“Our ownership and front office look forward to working with the community and the league to provide an incredible fan experience here at Clemens Field,” added Stembridge.

The Hannibal Hoots join ten other teams in the Prospect League lineup for 2018.

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