Hunt Construction Hired to Build New Ballpark in Cleburne (TX), Team Logo Chosen

Cleburne Railroaders Primary LogoThe Cleburne (TX) City Council this week hired Hunt Construction to build a new minor league ballpark called The Depot near the Chisholm Trail Parkway’s entrance into town.  Private developers also plan to build Cleburne Station, a dining and retail complex adjacent to the facility.  Voters approved the $25 million project in November.  Read more here.  Read background here.  Read about the logo contest here.

Cleburne Railroaders Ballpark Rendering


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6 responses to “Hunt Construction Hired to Build New Ballpark in Cleburne (TX), Team Logo Chosen

  1. The team confirmed via Twitter that they are looking to get into the American Association. There are also hints in another article I read, as it said the league they are looking to join currently has 14 teams. While the Atlantic League would have been nice, I suspect the ballpark being built is not up to their standards.

  2. JDtimes4

    50 Home Games plus some Exhibitions to kick off Inaugural Season probably in the plan.

  3. in the know

    I feel like The Atlantic League would be a great fit…. They grab GP and Laredo and they have he 4 they need. Granted GP would be a glorified road team with a home stadium but it would save the AL thousands

  4. What league are the Railroaders going to play in? They mention a 106 game schedule, which doesn’t match the Atlantic or AA season lengths. And I had thought the new Southwestern League wasn’t starting until ’18.

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