United League Announces Texas Summer League…for 2013

United League LogoWe hesitated to post this, because players are adults and they can make adult decisions, but we find it disingenuous and even offensive for the baseball industry that a so-called professional circuit would announce at this point in the season an instructional summer league that requires aspiring baseball players to pony up $2,500 a pop to potentially play on a team the last two weeks of the season.  Read more here.  So, what if a player can’t pay the full bill?  How about a payment plan?

Texas Summer League Logo


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5 responses to “United League Announces Texas Summer League…for 2013

  1. John Ircandia

    I totally agree with Alan. When are well intentioned communities and aspiring players going to see the “Barnum & Bailey” act that is so many of these Indy leagues and teams. They continue to give baseball a black eye.

  2. Just Some Internet Guy That You Dont Know

    They just had a team cancel a road trip….
    So a summer league running while your league is running…
    Looks like 2+2=4

    • ballparkbiz

      Quite frankly, I don’t view these pay-to-play instructional operations any differently than modeling or talent agencies that fill your head full of dreams and then ask you to pay some up-front fee. There are actually laws against this in the modeling world. See below:


      If you are good enough to play, be a model, act, or whatever, you shouldn’t have to pay anyone to do it.


      • Ken Tater

        Great point Alan. They are just trying to profit off of guys who were undrafted, unsigned and didn’t get picked up by an independent team. If you can’t get picked up by an independent team, it is probably time to give up the dream rather than paying money to someone who is trying to sell you something that isn’t there. It’s hard to get scouts out to indy games, how many do you think will come out for a farm league for indy baseball? Answer: none.

    • John Adams

      Same old problems, MONEY

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