Bringhurst Safety Concerns Keep Aces on the Bench, ULB Targeting the Market

Aces LogoThis is not new news within certain baseball circles, but the summer collegiate Alexandria Aces (Texas Collegiate League) will not play in 2013, as the city has still not resolved the challenge of shutting down historic Bringhurst Field over safety concerns.  Meanwhile, the indy pro United League Baseball is looking at making a return to the market.  Read more here.


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7 responses to “Bringhurst Safety Concerns Keep Aces on the Bench, ULB Targeting the Market

  1. Karl

    I always thought Alexandria deserved pro ball, not college summer ball. If Alexandria is in, I am guessing Shreveport will be in to help travel costs.

    • ballparkbiz

      What Alexandria fans deserve is stability. Not sure the ULB brings it.


      • Karl

        Thats true, but they also deserve pro baseball…

      • ballparkbiz

        Keep in mind, Alexandria is a small market of under 50,000. It’s got a history, but so do many smaller markets with older, historic ballparks that have been left in the dust by pro ball. From a business standpoint, it’s got to be viable, and I am not convinced Alexandria is a viable pro market any longer (at least not without a new or renovated ballpark). It has already taken its turns with the Texas-Louisiana League, Central Baseball League, United League Baseball, Continental League, and now potentially the ULB again. The future does not look bright for pro ball in Alexandria.


  2. Word on the street is the ULB will be back in Alexandria in addition to teams in San Angelo, Ft. Worth, a travel team out of Dallas, Rio Grande, and Edinburgh.

    • ballparkbiz

      Still have a stadium problem in Alexandria. Not sure how that gets fixed without the city pumping money into it.


  3. Karl

    I would not be surprised to see Shreveport in the ULB before long.

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