Atlantic League Feeder League on Deck, Caribbean on the Horizon?

As was raised last month in relation to Atlantic City, the indy pro Atlantic League is indeed looking at creating a short-season feeder league called ALBP2 that could begin play in 2014.  Read more here.  Beyond the ALBP2, Peter Kirk, chairman of Opening Day Partners, is eyeballing Atlantic League penetration into the Caribbean.  Read more here.


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6 responses to “Atlantic League Feeder League on Deck, Caribbean on the Horizon?

  1. Karl, it seems logical that the Atlantic League is looking at cities like Shreveport and Baton Rouge, assuming they can get new ballparks built there. It sounds like the lower tier league will be located in the northeast, but I suppose if they do build up enough of a presence in Texas, Tyler could be a potential market.

  2. Karl

    I wonder if the Atlantic League would have interest in Shreveport or Tyler either in the main league or the 2nd tier league? I doubt the TCL could bully and kill the Atlantic League like they did the Hall of Fame Baseball League.

  3. Why the incessant kissing up to the summer collegiate leagues here, especially the Futures League ? Give it a rest – most cities would prefer a professional team and would jump at the chance to be associated with the Atlantic League, which is the premier independent league in the country.

  4. in the know

    Don’t count on Brockton. They had a very successful first season in the Futures League. Same with Elmira-they did very well with the summer collegiate model. Worcester would be smart to follow Brockton’s lead. Why would anyone switch to a more costly indy league? More games ?? Pittsfield, Lynn,and Nashua also doing well in the Futures League.

  5. Love the idea of a feeder league. If run correctly, this new league could be stiff competition for the Can-Am League. Would love to see pro teams back in places like Augusta, Newburgh, and Elmira.

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