Edinburg to Terminate Lease, If Team Doesn’t Pay Up

The Edinburg City Council has reportedly told the ownership of the indy pro Edinburg Roadrunners (North American League/United League) that they have 30 days to pay $75,000 in back rent for using Edinburg Baseball Stadium, or get out.  The league’s McAllen Thunder also use the park.  Read more here.


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6 responses to “Edinburg to Terminate Lease, If Team Doesn’t Pay Up

  1. Scout55

    Byron Pierce- Watch Out this group is the worst. They have done everything you don’t want a professional league to do. Scam city! Watch out for the Texas Winter League

  2. Karl

    Would love for Fort Worth, and San Angelo to go to the Atlantic League.. Maybe even Grand Prairie.

    • Ron

      Atlantic League I doubt would ever look at those markets as they have all seen a steady decline and Grand Prairie never even saw a glimpse of what was hoped for.

  3. There are people in many communities who hear “Minor League Baseball” and think they’re getting an affiliated team from a reputable league. The operators set up shop, pointing to the more successful franchises in either affiliated or independent ball, and lead people to believe that these things are going to happen in their city. Money? Why should the operator have to have money before setting up a ball club?

  4. baseball scout

    This Pierce name popping up again?

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