Can New GM Turn Things Around for Bluefish?

The indy pro Bridgeport Bluefish (Atlantic League) hired Ken Shepard as their new general manager last month, and he wasted little time stirring up some fun and publicity by trying to lure former All-Star catcher Mike Piazza to Bridgeport to face seven-time Cy Young Award winner and Sugar Land Skeeters hired gun Roger Clemens.   Shepard has a lot of work to do.  With the regular season wrapping up today, the Bluefish rank last in AL attendance again with a mere 2,033 fans per game.  Read more here


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3 responses to “Can New GM Turn Things Around for Bluefish?

  1. Ron

    How is signing Ken Shepard a sign of desperation? The Last GM was rarely ever scene at the park or in the public. Ken is a good guy, with good roots to baseball, and community service. In this business you need to be creative, Bridgeport its first 5 years were the Long Island Ducks of the league averaging between 4,000 and 5,500 per year…people who operate teams tend to get comfortable, and forget that people aren’t going to keep coming out to a sporting event, without any type of secondary entertainment….most people don’t attend these games because it is “professional baseball” and Bridgeport since 2004 has lacked anything other than good baseball…I have been to about 20 games a year and it is just a boring atmosphere, when I used to go it was lively and full of entertainment on and off the field. I think Ken is the perfect guy for the job, now all they need is a new owner.

  2. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    So instead of trying to fix what’s broken they should let it fail….?

  3. Paul

    More signs of desperation.

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