AWBL Unveils Website

The developing indy pro American West Baseball League owned  and operated by Michael Cummings and his Embark Holdings, Inc. (formerly Godfather Media, Inc.), has launched a new website.  While no ballpark lease agreements have been announced, teams listed on the site include the Fullerton (CA) Flyers, Long Beach (CA) Splash, Mesa (AZ), North County (assuming San Diego, CA area) Cannons, and Yuma (AZ) Panthers.  View website here.  Thanks to John for the link.


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12 responses to “AWBL Unveils Website

  1. Interesting to have stumbled upon this site and found myself as the topic of conversation. :)

    I can’t possibly predict the future success of the AWBL, as baseball operations isn’t my department. I can say, however, that the web site they recently launched is still in its very early stages. The content they supplied to us is very generic, so any claim of plagiarism on their part is ridiculous. It’s the nature of every league site – regardless of the sport – to have the same general types of content. And since the AWBL is so new, there’s even less of it than most at this point. As they get closer to starting their schedule, the site that you see now will be replaced with something closer to what we have for the other independent leagues we deal with.

    And just to clarify, our association with independent baseball actually dates back to the old Northeast League in 1997, followed soon after by the Atlantic League in 1998.

  2. Ron

    I think it is ludicrous read the atlantic league site and the AWBL, the ONLY similarity is the web developer…nothing else, your idea if you read both sponsorship pages is not even relevant they aren’t identical and Skiltech and John Skilton have been the main supplier for league websites since the beginning with the original Northern League, so therefore your statements could not be any further out there…so Gene yet again I agree…

  3. John

    It’s just shows they don’t have a clue on what they are doing. Having to compy other material. Like I said before soon it will be on them to prove everybody wrong. The next season realistically starts in only seven months. Not a ton of time when they our still looking for ownerships.

    • John, they have nothing to prove and just like every business, the plan is build and grow. Not impress you or any others, this idea that they need to prove to you or others is so way out there and the idea you think you are so worthy of something blows my mind.

  4. Ron

    Gene, well noted, I just feel there is a professional way to do things, and publicly defaming or scrutinizing is never the right way. These guys haven’t been able to even start yet without this garbage being spread…If these guys were all such bad people the markets they are in would NOT permit them to be there, the owners would have never announced themselves as being involved, and they wouldn’t be wasting money no matter how cheap or expensive it is if they did not plan on doing something positive with it.

  5. John

    I can’t believe how much the AWBL is trying to model itself after the Atlantic League. Few things that I’ve noticed:

    Same developer SkilTech – which is fine
    Pull up both the AWBL website and Atlantic League website and you’ll see under Sponsorship, Mission Statement, everthing is pretty much the same I just don’t understand it. Someone send this to Frank Boulton please.

    Have a good day I’m done.

    • Ron

      Every independent league uses Skiltech…and they all outside of Frontier League have similar models…they all play in ballparks too that must mean they are copying every league in the world….

      Come on guys there are worse of leagues then AWBL that hasn’t even had the chance to do anything…Pecos League, United League, North American League, Freedom League…and Can-Am is a glorified men’s league…to consistently be looking for the most rediculous items to talk crap about is just silly…I am just John Skilton who represents the web side of each league would have brought up facts if it was an issue…

      Just funny! What’s your email I will personally send this to Frank Boulton, Joe Kline and the other owners Peter Kirk, Jon Danos and Steve Kalafer because I am sure they really give a shit about the AWBL lol.

      They have issues with Alex Bok in Malden claiming he’s putting a team in the ALPB and they have consistently said they have never approved such a deal.

      I am an advocate of Indy baseball as you can tell, I love the game, it’s growth and each respective league…but to keep jumping on the AWBL on everything they do is rediculous – let’s talk about the other leagues that don’t even have professional websites…

    • When somebody continues to point out issues as small as a website content, they must have other issues with this group of gentlemen. Maybe past employees, team owners that have not been allowed in their league or maybe team owners that did not make wise business decisions and want to make others look bad so nobody looks at them. Let’s look at the sites Ron pointed out and nowhere on this site does anybody comment on those sites. So, if you have personal issues pick up the phone and call them, their contact info is on their site and they actually answer or return calls. NAL, Freedom does not, what a concept.

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