Amazing Milestone: Mallards to Welcome 2 Millionth Fan Tonight

Beyond owner Steve Schmitt and his team, who would have thought back in 2001 that the summer collegiate Madison Mallards (Northwoods League) would be where they are today after two affiliated teams, the  Single-A Madison Muskies and Madison Hatters (Midwest League), and an indy pro club, the Madison Black Wolf (Northern league), failed in the marketplace in one of the then-worst ballparks in America?

Over the past 12 seasons, the Mallards have turned Madison on its head and showed the industry that you don’t need a fancy new ballpark and MLB affiliation to absolutely conquer a market.  Congratulations to the Mallards for welcoming their 2,000,000th fan Saturday night at Warner Park.

PRESS RELEASE – The Madison Mallards have sold almost everything.  Sellouts, interesting promotional ties with local companies, unique entertainment and more have become the expectation at the “Duck Pond” during the first 12 seasons of Mallards baseball.  It has all been made possible due to the spectacular support of local companies.  With this spirit in mind, the Mallards staff analyzed the entire “Duck Pond” and realized that naming rights have not yet been secured for the Mallards latest and definitely strangest addition; the 12 foot, golden, toothless gorilla above the center field wall lovingly named “King Quack” by Mallards fans.  Well, that is about to change.

Packed House at Renovated Warner Park, Madison Mallards Website Photo

The 137th fan to walk through the gates tomorrow, July 14th will be the Mallards’ 2,000,000th fan!  This fan will get the same royal treatment that only Official Sponsors of the Mallards have enjoyed.  Here is the outline of the agreement that the 2,000,000th Fan will receive.

  • Naming rights to “King Quack” – The first name of the Lucky Fan will be attached to all references of “King Quack” for the duration of the agreement.  There is no guarantee that “King Quack” will actually like this fan.
  • Category Exlusivity – No one else with the same first name of the 2,000,000th Fan will be allowed to advertise at the “Duck Pond” in any way, shape or form.
  • The 2,000,000th Fan will get to dance on stage with the Flaming Lips at Pondamonium.  There are no guarantees that lead singer Wayne Coyne will let you walk on the crowd with him in his bubble.
  • The 2,000,000th Fan will get to have Mallards mascot Maynard G. Mallards appear at one special event annually for no additional fee.  “King Quack” would have been available for an appearance, but he is not exactly a people gorilla.  Birthday Parties, Bar Mitzvah’s funerals, etc…
  • The 2,000,000th Fan will also receive the same items typically offered with this kind of milestone, including:
  • First Pitch on Saturday Night
  • 20 Tickets good for any game each season for the duration of the agreement
  • “King Quack” T-Shirt
  • The contract with this fan will only be valid until the Mallards 3,000,000th Fan Arrives.  At this point all elements of this package will be revoked and the fan will have no special priveleges at the “Duck Pond.”

“I just hope her name isn’t Ann,” said the soon to be re-named “King Quack.” “I’ve been trying to get over her ever since my move to Madison and I’m just not ready to deal with that.”

The Mallards continue their three game series with the Rafters tomorrow, July 14th. That night will be Jay Hazen Dentistry’s Turn Back the Clock Night and will also feature post-game fireworks presented by Ballweg Chevrolet and WISC-TV 3. First pitch is scheduled for 6:35 pm.

The Madison Mallards are part of the 16-team Northwoods League.  The Northwoods League has more teams, plays more games, and draws more fans than any other Summer Collegiate League in North America.

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