ESPN Announces ‘Battle of the Ballparks’

Which ballpark is the best in Major League Baseball?  ESPN has decided to settle it on the field by setting up a bracket-style “Battle of the Ballparks” tournament to allow fans to cast their votes over the next fews days for their favorite MLB stadiums.  A champion will be crowned on June 22.  Read more and cast your votes here.

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One response to “ESPN Announces ‘Battle of the Ballparks’

  1. Interesting competition. I’m happy to say that when I voted, my selection in all 14 first-round match-ups ended up matching what the majority of other voters had selected. I have a problem with some of ESPN’s seedings (Wrigley behind Target Field, Camden Yards and Fenway? Minute Maid ahead of Rangers Ballpark? Angel Stadium ahead of 21 other parks? All are ridiculous), but I guess you have to start somewhere!

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