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Rockies Boot Family from Ballpark for Tossing Ball Back

Colorado Rockies LogoA Colorado Rockies fan said his young stepsons were thrilled when he caught (a visiting team’s) home-run ball, but moments later, security reportedly escorted them out of the ballpark for tossing it back onto the field.  Really?  Read more here.

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Ranking the Ballparks: The Cost of Attending a MLB Game

Major League Baseball LogoGOBankingRates has ranked the cost to attend a game at every Major League Baseball ballpark. The average cost for two people to spend the day at the ballpark is $77.92.  Read more and view infographic here.

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‘Fioptics District’ a Hit

Cincinnati Reds LogoNo matter how the Cincinnati Reds do this season on the field, the team’s owners hit a home run on Opening Day when they introduced fans to the new Fioptics District at Great American Ball Park.  Read more here.  View photo gallery here.

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Rangers Unveil All for 2016: Food, Gear and Ballpark Improvements

Texas Rangers LogoFrom a sandwich so big it might take you till the seventh-inning stretch just to get your mouth around it, to team hats in colors to go with almost any outfit, the Texas Rangers and vendor Delaware North Sportservice unveiled 2016 additions for fans Thursday. Read more and view media here.

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Ranking the Best Giveaway for Each MLB Team

Major League Baseball LogoMatt Snyder via CBSSports.com has ranked what he considers the best promotional giveaway for each Major League Baseball team.  Read more here.

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The Success of MLB Mascots

Major League Baseball LogoBaseball mascots have become an important part of the modern fabric of the game. But their success wasn’t always a foregone conclusion. Just ask Philadelphia Phillies chairman emeritus and former part-owner Bill Giles.  Read more here.  Thanks to John Cerone for the link.

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More New MLB Gut-Busters Introduced

Texas Rangers LogoMajor League Baseball’s opening day is just a week away, and the big parks across the country have introduced new food items that will bust your gut (and probably your wallet too).  We have posted few links to some of them, but there are more.  The Texas Rangers’ $27 “Wicked Pig” is just ridiculous.  Read more and view photos here.

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