Freedom Pro Baseball League Makes Debut

The start-up Freedom Pro Baseball League made its debut Saturday, as the Copper State Prospectors defeated the Arizona Centennials 5-3 at Scottsdale Stadium.  The reported attendance was 637.  Read more here.  Thanks to Jason Mutum for the link.


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7 responses to “Freedom Pro Baseball League Makes Debut

  1. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    While one team played 8 games, another just had their first game. If you’re lucky enough to get a league off the ground, DO IT RIGHT.

  2. AZBALL75

    To be blunt honest the stats for my MSBL league are more updated then this so called professional league. At least they posted a final score on there Facebook page last night. With people commenting why are the scores not posted on the website,still no updated rosters for all 4 of the team. Your season has started get stuff your together, if you want to be somewhat legit.
    I do not see why this league des not use Pointstreak or Scoraboard to update current game scores and players stats. Thats all the fans want to see.

  3. BaseballLifer7

    Independent Baseball League?? Looks like a glorified adult baseball game and why pay when they can watch a game with young farmhands of Major League Organizations for free?? I am all for Independent baseball and played in the Northern and Western League when it was thriving and it makes me sad to see people (Joe Sperle) who claims to have “20 years of Professional baseball experience” yet I can’t find a stat on him anywhere and he uses an adult league baseball pic on website? Why can he just claim this league is of professional quality?? It makes me sad cause it cheapens independent baseball and will ultimately put ANOTHER black eye on it when this league disappears and leaves players hoping their checks don’t bounce!! I was part of the CBL(Canadian Baseball League) in 2003 and with over a million dollars and stock holders behind it, the season lasted till all star break leaving many of us in another country being owed thousands and fighting to get back to the US.. I just hope for the players sake that this Joe Sperle has some DEEP pockets and doesn’t fade off into the Arizona Sunset!

    • Scott

      You bring up another excellent point. If people need there summer Baseball fix.. the AZ Rookie Ball League is here, plus it’s free. So it needs to be MORE than just baseball..Arizona folks can get solid baseball for free w/ the AZ fall league (ok, i think they charge..but not much) & Rookie ball. Bottom line this league needs to have proactive people behind it and selling the product. Baseball fanatics will find baseball, but if that is their target market this league will be toast after one year.

  4. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    Maybe it’s me but do they sell tickets for any of the other teams? Looks like Scottsdale is the only one selling tickets.

    That website is still very basic and not updated at all. Basic would be okay if something was done to it.

    I don’t understand why these upstart leagues don’t do this the right way. Don’t they see all these others fail when they do it half assed.

    Everyone wants to own a team but why do it just to have a team for less than a season. Why not do it to have that for years.

    Arizona is a nightmare for baseball in the summer anyway. You need shade, etc for the fans to show up. Can’t have people baking in the sun.

    I can go on but wasted too many words already on this subject.

    • Scott

      I agree. I live in Arizona and if it wasn’t for me checking this site and others ballpark websites I wouldn’t have heard of this league. You’ve got to promote and sell the heck out of it, ppl won’t just magically show up.

  5. Spectator777

    those kids are trying to go to the next level and get signed? good luck. the website rosters are just names and jersey numbers – I can’t seem to find a bio or stat on any of them. Isn’t that the whole point of this league?

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