Perfect Game Assault on NYCBL Continues

The New York Collegiate Baseball League took a big hit when a load of teams departed for the new Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League launched in 2010, and it appears the trouble is not over.  The owner of the Perfect Game’s Newark (NY) franchise is gunning to lease McDonough Park, home of the NYCBL’s Geneva Red Wings.  He is offering to put $150,000 into the park and forgo the $8,000 to $10,000 the Red Wings apparently receive from the city to maintain the park.  Read more here.  Thanks to Paul Crumlish for the story.


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16 responses to “Perfect Game Assault on NYCBL Continues

  1. Seems childish

    This was a strange post by PGCBL pres Jeff Kunion. Why cant he just say the Outlaws left the league or not comment at all. Instead he puts out a press release bashing the team and the NYCBL and saying the Outlaws are voluntary suspended. Makes no sense at all. Seems childish.

    • Billy

      I found it a bit odd too. Rules are rules though and maybe he thought it was time to push back a little. I also agree with Bob on here, I have been to Oneonta games, 300-400 is accurate, not sure what the reason was for the attendance reports, it’s actually a bit embarrassing to make the jumps so high. But, again, let each league do their own thing, let’s hope that individual owners don’t come on here and post (is that true??) and leave each league to play the way they want. It really is too bad for Oneonta fans not to see better players though, they have a nice park and now their kids and fans get to travel to, let’s say, lesser places. But again, maybe that is what the owner’s wanted. Summer is on it’s way… unless your Mayan!!

  2. Bob Milford NY

    As a person “in the know” in Oneonta and a spectator of many games, let me say this. The attendance claims made by a previous poster (I assume the prior Oneonta owners) are way off base. They get 300-400 people per night and report 1800. Everyone in town knows this. Ive seen it myself the past few seasons mulitple times. In addition, the past owners did bring in decent teams here but in no way did the two leagues compare in talent from what I saw. In 2011 when the NYCBL was here I saw only a handful of players who compared to the old NYPenn teams that were here. Last year in the Perfect Game league I saw many and also many from top of the line schools. We are looking forward however to a “local” owner of the team and not absentee ones who tend to make “big claims” about themselves.

  3. Spectator777

    It’s 2 totally different business models – NYCBL is not for profit and PGCBL is for profit. That said, of course the leagues are run differently! Oneonta thought they could participate in the PGCBL model but we can see here they clearly could not. Folks who run the teams in each league have very different views as well – NYCBL is about the players and an opportunity to play ball where PGCBL positions itself as better quality ball in order to drive ticket sales and increase per caps.

    For that very same reason it is impossible to compare PGCBL and the Cape as the Cape is funded in part by MLB (as is the NYCBL) and a not for profit organization. You need to be comparing leagues based on their business model. PGCBL, like the Futures League is going the way of Northwoods, West Coast, Prospect and have an expectation of profit.. It is a lot harder to keep afloat if those expectations are not met.

    • GM

      Another comment not based in reality. Oneonta led both leagues in attendance in 2011 and 2nd only to Elmira in 2012 and their previous owners have 7 out of the 10 players in MLB since they joined the league in 2004 and you say Oneonta cant compete with this model. Say what? If you are being critical of them you have to be critical of all of teams in league becuase these guys have clearly produced better numbers than any franchise in either league. Dumb statement.

  4. in the know

    The PGCBL will never come close to the Cape Cod League. Too many small time thinkers.Don’t be suprised if Saratoga ends up in the NECBL.

  5. NY Baseball Fan

    The only reason Adirondack and Utica were added to the PGCBL was to help out travel expenses for Watertown and Newark and had nothing to do with baseball.

  6. Pete

    This is actually very simple. There are brand new Owners in Oneonta so they never went back. The new owners of the Oneonta Outlaws chose to go to NYCBL. They did no like what jeff Kunion was selling. The two leagues are very similar and dont beleive all the hype. The PGCBL have two franchises (Glens Falls and Amsterdam) that are strong and the rest are avg and no better than what NYCBL as to offer.
    As for previous Owners they also left the PGCBL and moving back to Saratoga and to the NYCBL

    • ballparkbiz


      Those who don’t understand the difference shouldn’t be in a league striving for minor league-style business operations.


  7. Pete

    Roy you are kidding nobody but yourself with your comments. The PGCBL is nowhere close to the cape nor will they ever, They have very avg ownership groups that just lost a quality franchise in Oneonta and at least two more next year while adding mediocre at best programs like Utica and Adirondack.

    • Roy

      Sorry for my wording of my comment. I meant to say I feel that is their plan to be the best. I agree with your comment that they will never be close to the Cape. I’m still angry at the fact they took all the NYCBL teams and continue to bash the league when I feel they still have the same level of talent as the NYCBL did 2010 and before.

    • Billy

      Pete, do you know the owners? Oneonta left the NYCBL, amidst wanting a better situation, now they go back? Strange. Utica and Adirondack jump ship. I have lived in Utica my whole life and love what Mohawk Valley has done. It seems the two leagues just have different goals. Good luck to both, there are enough players to go around. Oneonta won a title in the NYCBL, maybe this is more important to them.

      • ballparkbiz

        As I understand it, the Outlaws ownership wanted to operate a team back to Saratoga where they are from. Instead of selling the entire franchise package, they sold the assets (which I assume includes the ballpark lease) and team branding, but they kept the PGCBL franchise rights for use in 2014 (or to possibly sell them to someone before the dark period runs out). The new owner of the assets apparently chose to launch a new free (no franchise fee) NYCBL team in Oneonta, rather than pay a franchise fee for a new team in the PGCBL.


  8. Scotty

    I’ve attended both leagues games and the Perfect Game league is getting the better kids. I think most of the NYCBL should think about jumping ship like Oneonta did beofre this season. The Perfect Game League provides better baseball and is run more like a minor league.

    • Matt

      Looks like Oneonta is heading back to the NYCBL.

    • Roy

      I played in the NYCBL in 2010 the last year before the split happened. The NYCBL had the opportunity to be ran the way Perfect Game is running it now but chose not to. The clubs with big stadiums decided they needed a better business plan. Its obvious that Perfect Game will get the better players. They will be the best summer league besides the Cape in a few years.

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