Camden Riversharks Go Mobile

PRESS RELEASE – The Camden Riversharks are stepping up to the plate and going mobile in 2012. Mobile marketing that is. And, the Riversharks have come out swinging even before the season has started while just in the rookie year of its mobile marketing plans. Its custom QR Code, complete with the Riversharks logo injected in it, was a real hit. It was named by CNN and Money magazine as one of its 23 Coolest QR Codes Custom QR Code.

“It was a great honor to have our QR Code recognized by CNN,” said Kristin Segers, Marketing Manager for the Riversharks. “We’ve already had over 500 scans of the code and we haven’t even really done much advertising yet.”

When the baseball fan scans the custom QR Code branded qr code, it takes him to a mobile microsite. The microsite, which is developed for easy navigation on the small screen of the mobile phone, serves many functions, but it has the penultimate goal of being the closer for more Riversharks tickets. The mobile website gives the Riversharks schedule, lists team promotions, provides discount mobile coupons, and promotes the upcoming Atlantic League All Star game which will be played at Campbell’s Field—home of the Riversharks. It also allows consumers to do a Click-To-Call to score tickets from the box office, right from the convenience of the mobile phone. Fans won’t balk at having the microsite drop the Riversharks icon on the screen of the iPhone or Android smartphone user for 24/7 access of the fan.

“We had looked into doing an app for the team, but at the time it was cost prohibitive,” said Adam Lorber, General Manager of the Camden Riversharks baseball team. “We were able to create the mobile website for 85% less than what it would have cost us to do the app. And, there’s virtually no difference, except we don’t have the opportunity to get listed on the Apple App Store.”

Lorber added that there already have been calls to the box office that have been generated from the Click to Call on the mobile microsite and he is optimistic that the team’s mobile marketing efforts will result in greater ticket sales in 2012.

“We compete in a market with the immensely popular Philadelphia Phillies who have had over 200 consecutive sellouts and get nearly all of the media coverage,” added Lorber. “We need to reach our fans in as many ways as possible to remind them of our fireworks and other special promotions. The mobile marketing products enable us to do that and always be in touch with our fans.”

About Advanced Telecom Services

Advanced Telecom Services (Wayne, Pennsylvania) is the mobile marketing company that created the custom QR Code and mobile website mobile microsites for the Riversharks. In addition to these products, the company also provides text message marketing, mobile marketing , apps development, and mobile video to its clients. No surprise, but its employees are also big baseball fans. For more information, please visit the mobile marketing company website

About The Camden Riversharks

The Camden Riversharks are entering their 12th season in the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball. Since 2001, the Riversharks have hosted all of their home games at Campbell’s Field, located along the Camden Waterfront. The team provides a competitive baseball product, while maintaining an affordable family friendly atmosphere. For more information, please visit mobile marketing.

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