Start-Up ECBL Closing In on OOB

East Coast Baseball LeagueThe Old Orchard Beach (ME) council voted Tuesday night to approve a resolution to authorize Town Manager Larry Mead to enter into a contract agreement with Niagara Professional Baseball Group, the founding body of the start-up East Coast Baseball League, for the use of The Ballpark.  Read more here (subscription required).


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7 responses to “Start-Up ECBL Closing In on OOB

  1. tenaciouspuma

    This league is a joke. It’s too bad they will ruin markets that want baseball. If they were serious, they would have started up in 2016…50/50 they throw one pitch. If that happens, I would guess when it is time for the first payroll, the whole thing folds. It really is too bad.

    • I have no insight into whether the ECBL will make it. But at least they are choosing markets that have real professional level ballparks. The same cannot be said of the MRPBL …

      • tenaciouspuma

        Those parks are fading fossils though that have just been neglected or not used for a longtime with maybe the exception of Watertown which was also falling apart. Neither league seems to have much of a plan however

  2. tenaciouspuma

    This league continues to add mileage for these shaky start up teams…Maine to Welland…yikes! Not sure there is a plan in place, it looks like they are just scooping up old ballparks from cities that can’t sustain baseball.

    • texas10

      Puma, I read this morning on the Indy Chat Page on FB that apparently the ECBL Myrtle Beach Winter League has turned into a mess. The players got very little of what was promised for their $3,000. Coaches haven’t been paid much so far. Hotel issues and on and on.

      What was supposed to be a 6 team winter league “league” turned into barely 3. It is a shame Colin Collins posted on this site that his ECBL operation was not going to be “hit and run”. Mr. Collins did reply to the FB thread regarding Myrtle Beach and admitted that he is at fault for the debacle. Will be interesting to see what happens to the ECBL’s reputation after the first act of the league is indeed a “hit and run”.

      • tenaciouspuma

        You know Texas man, this is a shame. Whacking guys for $3000 a pop then “offering” the chance to play in a paid league where they won’t even make that back just is plain wrong. Listen, I love indy ball. But, a well thought out business plan and starting in 2016 just seemed to make a ton of sense and this is no surprise in my humble opinion. The markets that they are going in have all been losers. I hate to see the game treated this way, especially in NY where I used to be a season ticket holder in Geneva. These teams seem very difficult to run as it is, even the collegiate teams in some markets struggle, and, they don’t have to pay players. The ECBL has been very misleading and in my eyes a sham from the start. I wouldn’t be surprised if not one pitch ever gets delivered. You can’t put together a league this quickly and be successful.

      • E A

        According to recent posts on the Independent Baseball Chat Group on FB, one coach still hasn’t been paid and an advisor also hasn’t been paid. Someone else got paid 11 days after it was posted everyone was paid on Jan 28th.

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