Critics, Proponents Debate Gwinnett Stadium

Gwinnett Braves LogoThe first season for the Triple-A  Gwinnett Braves has come to close, but detractors and supporters are still debating the merits of the new stadium.  Whether or not it should have ever been built is a debate for the locals, but paying for it is another question.With an average of 5,965 fans per game in 2009, the Braves ranked 12th out of the 14 team in the International League.  This number is respectable but concerning for a new $64 million facility with an annual bond payment of between $2.1 and $2.6 million over the next 30 years.  Gwinnett County has a payment funding forumula that includes ticket fees ($400k), parking fees ($200k), an annul lease payment from the team ($250k), naming rights ($300k), hotel tax ($400k), and car rental tax ($700k), but there is no room for error here. Read more here.

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