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Proposed Savage (MN) Recreation Plan Includes Ballpark

savage-minnesotaAt the work session, Savage (MN) Parks and Recreation Manager Greg Boatman said the most significant difference between the various plans is a proposed new entrance off of Connelly Parkway on the southwest end of the park. A full-size baseball stadium is included in all of the concepts.  According to Boatman:

“This is a full-size, 400-feet to center field baseball field with all the accompanying amenities, grandstand, dugouts, the whole kit and caboodle.”

If built, the ballpark could be home to a town baseball team as well as high school games and tournaments.  Read more here.  View aerial rendering here.

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Saints Once Again Barnstorming Town Ball Style

St. Paul Saints Hat LogoPRESS RELEASE – Crazy costumes and outfits are a large part of the fun and entertainment the St. Paul Saints have provided during their first 21 seasons.  It’s only fitting then, that the Saints are taking their 2014 barnstorming game to a city that is believed to be the first in the United States to put on a Halloween celebration, Anoka.  The Saints, in conjunction with Killebrew Root Beer and Continue reading

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