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Group Secures Rights for Long Beach Franchise in New League

The start-up American West Baseball League has announced that DC Sports & Entertainment, LLC led by Nicholas Desrosiers has secured the rights to a new franchise in Long Beach (CA).  We assume the target ballpark is Blair Field.  Read press release here.  As you recall, Desrosiers was involved with the failed effort to secure investors and bring a team to Atlantic City (NJ).


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Returning Baseball to The Sandcastle

This isn’t exactly timely news on our part, so you may already be aware that Mario Perrucci, the former general manager of the defunct indy pro Atlantic City (NJ) Surf, has talked with city officials about bringing baseball back to The Sandcastle for at least one game, anyway.  The sketchy proposal from Silk City Ventures to bring baseball back full time has apparently been shelved, as the group’s Continue reading

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Group Plans Pitch for Atlantic City Ballpark

We would love to see baseball back at The Sandcastle in Atlantic City (NJ), but we’re not convinced Connecticut-based Silk City Ventures (SCV) is the group to do it.  We have been monitoring the outfit and their Atlantic City Surf Facebook page for some time, and we remain a tad skeptical. Continue reading


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