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Pecos League Moves Home Games out of Roswell, Harsh Words for Locals

PRESS RELEASE – The Roswell Invaders are currently in first place in the Pecos League with a record of 24-14. That is where the success ends for the defending Pecos League Champions. Continue reading


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Pecos League Commissioner Storms Field with Folding Chair During Roswell Brawl

Things got a little bush league in the Pecos League on Saturday, when a brawl broke out after a coach shoved an umpire.  Pecos League chief and owner of the Las Cruces Vaqueros Andrew Dunn then shocked fans when he rushed the field with a mighty folding chair raised above his head to — we think — stop the fight.  The police were called and a report was taken, but no one was arrested.  Read more and view news clip here.

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Commissioners Approve Beer Sales for Pupfish

Despite opposition voiced by three passionate citizens on Tuesday night, the Alamagordo City Commission unanimously approved beer sales at Griggs Sports Complex, where the start-up Pecos League’s White Sands Pupfish will begin play in May.  Read more here.  On an interesting side note, the Roswell (NM) Invaders and Las Cruces (NM) Vaqueros from the Pecos will each play an exhibition Continue reading

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Roswell Council Clears Way for Beer Sales

The Roswell (NM) City Council voted on Thursday to remove the “non-alcoholic” beverages language from the original two-year lease agreement between the city and the start-up Pecos League for the use of Joe Bauman Stadium.  The Roswell Invaders are expected to begin play this season.  Read more here.

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